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Whether you are looking for a career in data science, data analytics or Salesforce, PlumlogixU offers flexible, online-based training with 1:1 live mentorship with industry experts to get you ready for your dream job.

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Salesforce certification programs

Cyber Security

Get skills to boost your capacity to spot vulnerabilities, fend off attacks, and immediately respond to emergencies in networks you manage.

Whether you are interested in data mining, big data applications or data product development, a course in data analytics can greatly transform your career path.

data analytics course

Data Science

Sign up and learn how to design and construct new processes for data modeling and production using prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and custom analysis.

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Data Analytics Career Track

Get down to analyze business problems and offer solutions with actionable insights
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Data Science Career Track

Help businesses by building ML models used to predict business outcomes
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Cyber Security Career Track

Boost your cybersecurity career with globally-recognized credentials and win your dream job.
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Salesforce Admin Certification Training

Get the training to get you to be the vital bridge between business and technology.
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Salesforce Developer Certification Training

Prove your programmatic and declarative skills on the salesforce platform by getting certified.
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Personal Coaches & Mentors to help you all the way to your dream job!

Personal coaches and mentors to help you prepare for interviews, review your personal projects and help you understand your career options during and after your training is complete.

Guided Job Search

Your personal coach will help you optimize your job search, clean up your LinkedIn and resume, and guide you to best-fit companies as well as share strategies to land more interviews.

Ace the Interviews

With the help of your coach and personal mentors through vigorous mock interviews- both behavioral and technical, you'll build your confidence and readiness for all kinds of interviews.

Negotiate your Best Salary

Your personal mentors and coach will help you learn how to confidently negotiate the salary you deserve without fear or being tricked.

1-on-1 Sessions with Industry Experts

Get ready to receive insights on industry trends to keep your learning on track and portfolio curated for next-level job opportunities
I've had some success at Salesforce Administration but signing up with PlumlogixU made the difference. I earned my Salesforce Certified Administrator badge with so much ease.
Mina Yolnada
Former Accountant

Saved My Career!

For along time, I wondered was I was unable to negotiate the salaries I hoped to be paid. Only when I signed up with Plumlogixu did I realize that non-certified Salesforce Admins get paid lower than our certified colleagues. Thank you Plumlogixu for saving my career and helping me get certified.
Salesforce Administrator certification training
Rose Pelosi
Certified Salesforce Admin

Affordable, Flexible and of Value

After being the web development arena for more than 5 years, I wondered how I could venture into Salesforce and Plumlogixu offered the perfect opportunity. The training is intense, accurate and the mentors are very helpful. The real-world projects are just another thing all together.
Daniel Rosenfield
Daniel Rosenfield
Certified Salesforce Developer, 2020

Best Onboarding Experience

It's always refreshing to get talent whose skillset you can leverage right away. The onboarding of Plumlogixu's students was such fun and surprisingly fast.
Salesforce developer salaries in USA
Paul Lambert
Data Analyst, PILE Systems