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How to Choose the Best Salesforce Career Path in 2023

How to Choose the Best Salesforce Career Path
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How to Choose the Best Salesforce Career Path in 2023

Salesforce is among the world’s leading CRM. It has helped businesses streamline and automate key business processes such as marketing, customer acquisition, and customer engagement. The platform is beloved for its innumerable benefits to businesses. 

However, Salesforce is a bit complicated and requires some technical know-how to fully utilize the subscription. That is why about 60% of all businesses with a Salesforce subscription have had challenges with access to talent and professional Salesforce skills. 

Salesforce professionals are highly sought after; there is no doubt about it. The industry is so lucrative making a lot of people switch to Salesforce careers. 

The good thing is there are a lot of career paths in the Salesforce ecosystem. This article highlights just how to choose the best Salesforce career path in 2022. 

Keep on reading if you’ve contemplated a career switch to Salesforce or if you’re just getting started in your career path. Let’s explore and see how you could tap this Salesforce goldmine. 

How to choose the best Salesforce career path

Salesforce is pretty wide and with a lot of avenues. You’d need to figure out which path you wanna take before you enroll for a course and start learning. 

Picking a role that matches your skill sets and aligns with industry needs will give you a good head start and make you stand out in the ecosystem. 

There are 3 major career paths in Salesforce – Salesforce administrator, developer, and consultant. This article will expound on each role and help you figure out the right path for you. Let’s get started!

Salesforce Developer

This is one of the most in-demand roles within the Salesforce ecosystem. It was recently voted as one of the best jobs in the world. It is definitely one to be on the lookout for.

So what do Salesforce developers do? Well, Salesforce developers are primarily your programmers and coding experts for all Salesforce projects within the organization. 

Their major task is to find code solutions to build apps and automate repetitive tasks. They are also responsible for customizing the Salesforce platform to organizational needs. 

Pre-requisites for Salesforce Developers

The Salesforce Developer role is majorly technical. A little tech knowledge would definitely make learning a little bit easier for you. With a major focus on building code and providing coded solutions, some IT knowledge is important. 

Having a good understanding of object-oriented programming in a commercial setting and some experience in at least one full software development cycle is an added advantage while pursuing the Salesforce Developer role. Understanding test-driven development will also make you stand out. 

Salesforce Developer prospects and progression opportunities 

Salesforce developers have a number of opportunities for career progression. The Salesforce developer role is crucial within the Salesforce ecosystem and specialists can be fixed in different roles and disciplines.

As a Salesforce developer, you can choose to progress to senior roles such as senior developer, architect, and even senior architect. You could also become a trainer to help others learn Salesforce.  

Finally, you could become an industry specialist and become a field service developer or industry developer. This would in turn make you an industry expert, a progression from a basic developer. 

How much do Salesforce Developers make?

The Salesforce Developer role is very lucrative. Salesforce developers are highly sought after and therefore well remunerated. In the US, a junior developer makes up to $125,000 while a senior developer could earn up to $175,000. 

In the UK, junior developers make up to £70,000 while senior developers make up to £90,000. In Australia, junior developers could earn up to $145,000 while senior developers make up to $170,000. 

Salesforce Administrator

Wondering how to choose the best Salesforce career path? Well, this is among the best places to get started. Salesforce admins are highly valued and respected. They are also well-remunerated, and the role offers you a springboard into other careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Salesforce admins work as the link between business people and tech specialists. They help business people, basically your sales team and every Salesforce user to understand solutions provided by developers. They also help developers understand the problems of Salesforce users and come up with solutions. 

Salesforce admins work with key stakeholders to define and understand user requirements and then customize Salesforce to organizational and user needs. 

Requisite skills for the Salesforce Admin role

This role requires you to have some understanding of business processes. You essentially work with tech specialists to simplify business processes. 

You would also require some knowledge in tech as you would be working with tech specialists most of the time. You however don’t need to be a tech expert or a programmer. 

Other than the technical part, the role requires creativity, good interpersonal and relational skills, communication skills, and a solution-oriented mind. 

Business analysis, reporting, help desk experience, and end-user training abilities are also added advantages for the role.

Salesforce Admin prospects and career progression opportunities 

As a Salesforce admin, you have a lot of insights into all Salesforce careers. Making career advancements should therefore be easy for you. 

You could become a senior Salesforce admin, a senior business analyst, venture to be a Salesforce developer, and many more. You could become a trainer and support other people to succeed in Salesforce.

How much do Salesforce admins make?

The salary for Salesforce admins is dependent on several factors including geographical location and the job description. A junior admin in the US makes about $112,000 while a senior admin makes around $150,000. In the UK, a junior admin makes about £50,000 and a senior admin makes about £62,000. 

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce consultants are the bloodline of every Salesforce project. They work with Salesforce users and technical staff to ensure that the business gets the most out of the Salesforce platform. They help businesses maximize their subscription.  

Requisite skills for Salesforce Consultants 

Salesforce consultants are expert planners. You therefore must understand business processes and how to plan and execute them well for you to become a Salesforce consultant. 

You must also have some industry experience to consult. Beyond that, you must possess analytical skills, process improvement, and implementation skills. 

You must have good soft skills and relational skills to succeed in this role. You also need good presentation skills and must be comfortable with explaining your ideas to a high-level management team.

Salesforce Consultant prospects and progression opportunities 

As a Salesforce consultant, there are a lot of career options for you. You could advance and train people in Salesforce. You could also venture out to become a Salesforce Developer or administrator or architect. 

You could also specialize and become a marketing Cloud consultant. Marketing Cloud consultants help businesses in automating marketing efforts. You essentially become a marketing consultant and help the business with all marketing needs.

How much do Salesforce Consultants make?

Consulting is highly remunerated. Consulting experts are paid based on their experience and the scope of the project. 

A junior consultant makes approximately $140,000 in the US while a senior consultant makes over $165000. In the UK, junior consultants make about £62,000 while senior consultants make more than £85,000. 

Take the next step!

Salesforce is a big deal, and it’s only the beginning. A career in Salesforce is definitely a great step into the future. 

The career path you choose in Salesforce should be based on the skills you already have, your experience, passion, and interest, and where you see yourself in the future. Make sure you choose what interests you and is bound to bring you self-fulfillment.

Any career in Salesforce is worthwhile and will eventually reward you. The exciting progression opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem paired with the lucrative salary rates in the market make it worth it to pursue a Salesforce career. 

We hope this article helps you with how to choose the best Salesforce career path. All you need is to get started!

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