Cyber Security Career Track

Mentor Support | 1:1 Mentorship By Industry Experts | Online | 6 Months Long

Cyber Security Bootcamp: get in-demand skills for guaranteed cyber security job.

Earn one of the most competitive credentials in cyber security by signing up for this career-changing bootcamp and win your first cyber security job in less than 6 months.

Finish. Graduate. Get your first cybersecurity job. Guaranteed.

Complete our 6-months online cybersecurity bootcamp, get certified and be ready for your first job. Plumlogixu’s training is expertly designed and delivered with you in mind.

Expertly curated syllabus

Our cybersecurity bootcamp covers everything you need know and transform your career as a cybersecurity analyst.

Get 1:1 Career Coaching

Once certified, our career coaches will guide you on how to go about your cybersecurity job search, interviews and how to negotiate job offers.

Get the job you deserve

Your new job awaits you. Plus, join our community of Plumlogixu graduates achieving great things at top tech companies.

Our students have been hired by some of the best organizations in the world

Boost your career with globally-recognized cyber security credentials

Earn globally-recognized and accredited certifications from our bootcamp partners. This program has been developed with todays IT jobs and needs in mind and is thus very competitive and career-changing. 

Practical Skills + Personalized Support

Test your skills by completing over 25 lab projects, assignments, and a capstone project which involves real-world cybersecurity case scenarios. Your course syllabus also includes sessions where you are required to build and share one custom cybersecurity range, develop and deploy malware using Remote Access Trojan (RAT). You’ll also be required to formalize Incident Response Procedures, Forensic Analysis, and Forensics.

Take advantage of personal mentors and career coaches who will guide you on:

  • Job search strategy
  • Acing interviews
  • Negotiating salaries
certificate in Cyber security

Go beyond cybersecurity skills and learn the what hiring managers are looking for.

Our cybersecurity syllabus covers critical areas cybersecurity world including cybersecurity fundamentals, vulnerability assessment, systems and network security and security operations as well as additional units to help you prepare on what hiring managers are looking for in cybersecurity candidates.

Data Analytics

Real Projects Sourced from The Best Institutions

Before graduation from Plumlogixu, you’ll have to complete at least a real-life data analytics project which you can show to your future employers. These are some of the best projects built to reinforce certain key concepts in data analytics.

Take advantage of 1-1 mentorship

Our 1-1 mentor training helps you build your career faster and promotes your career with industry insights and guidance. Mentors also help you remain accountable and keeps you on the right track, train you on how to ace your interviews as well as train you on how to negotiate the salary you deserve.

Worth it in every sense!

I enjoyed learning with my career mentor and coach, William West. He challenged everything I knew and introduced me to the real world of cybersecurity. His constructive criticisms allowed m to see the world in a different way and how much cybersecurity is a huge career in this century. And, of course, he was very flexible and understanding- especially during the last 2 months when my job schedule was so unpredictable.
Joseph pinkmon
Joseph Pinkmon
Cybersecurity Graduate, 2020


The full tuition fees for the Data Analytics bootcamp is $6,500. Upfront payments attracts a discount of up to $500. Monthly payments are allowed at the rate of $1000. Deferred tuition option is unavailable but will be launched in soon.

Tuition Summary
Duration6-7 Months
Job GuaranteeYes

Ready or in doubts?

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