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Salesforce Administrator Certification Career Paths

salesforce administrator certification career paths
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Salesforce Administrator Certification Career Paths

Salesforce Administrator certification career paths are just hitting the limelight and though a wholly new career, the Salesforce administrator position is currently quite in demand. According to Trailhead, at least 48,000 new Salesforce admin positions are posted every year, representing a 400% annual growth rate. These people are also paid very well. The entry level salary of a Salesforce admin is $79,000, while on average, the admins earn $91,000 in the US.

If these perks interest you, it never too late to begin your Salesforce admin career. The good news is that the entry-level admin certifications are open to everyone – no special skills or educational background is needed.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Career Paths You Can Pursue

The Salesforce Administrator certification career paths could land you on a path to earning the following administrator credentials:

  1. Administrator
  2. Advanced Administrator
  3. CPQ Specialist
  4. Marketing Cloud Specialist
  5. Platform App Builder

Even better – you can expect to rise through the ranks quickly. The following is what the Salesforce admin career path looks like.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Career Paths: Beginner Administrator

The very first level in the Salesforce Administrator certification career paths is the beginner admin position. You’ll need first to earn the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. The test ensures that you have essential product information about Salesforce Cloud products. Then, you’re ready to get some real-world experience.

Once you’re on your first job as a beginner Salesforce admin, the key is to listen to your organization talk about their problems and find solutions to those problems. If you can translate the skills learned in your certification into technical solutions, you’ve just made your first step into the Administrator world.

Intermediate Administrator

After working as a beginner admin for 2-3 years, you need to start thinking about how you can become more valuable to your organization. Often, we are so focused on the learning side and getting the basics right that we completely forget that we also need to be moving up the ladder. You must be proactive from the start.

There are a couple of things you can do to earn that next step. First, it always helps to stand out, and the best way to stand out is to be better than the rest. It’s easy to notice an employee performing better than the rest, and being noticed usually comes with improved roles and sometimes even a raise. Don’t be dramatic, though. You want to earn those new roles.

Another path is advancing your education. Since you’ve already earned an entry-level admin certificate, you should train your eyes on the advanced Salesforce admin certificate. The Advanced Salesforce Administrator certification is designed for professionals with basic experience in Salesforce looking for new ways to help their organizations get even more from new features and capabilities on the platform.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Career Paths: Advanced Administrator

The last stage in the Salesforce Administrator certification career paths is the advanced administrator. Once you’ve been a Salesforce administrator for 5+ years, you’re ready to take on even bigger roles. You’ll be regularly helping your organization in the following ways;

  • Implementing Salesforce into business systems
  • Managing tests and updates from the system
  • Ensuring the efficient functioning of various departments through reports and dashboards
  • Governing security and access, standards and custom objects
  • Managing Salesforce content and folders
  • Training users to work in the Salesforce platform.

salesforce administrator certification career paths

In addition, the advanced Salesforce administrator is actively engaged in improving their organization’s business values, striking profitable deals with stakeholders, and maintaining a healthy relationship with vendors.

To this end, you’ll need to seek ways to improve your skillset continually. Additional Salesforce certifications would be ideal. More importantly, though, you need to sharpen your interpersonal skills because you’ll now be working with many people. Improved communication, better listening, and teamwork become essential. You also need to develop your leadership skills, including critical thinking, dependability, and motivation.

Where Next After Advanced Admin?

Although the advanced administrator level is the highest in the Salesforce Administrator certification career paths, the limits can be stretched further and new ventures undertaken. This is the best part of becoming a Salesforce administrator – your job options are endless. For one, you can work in pretty much any industry. Since Salesforce is now a vital tool in most organizations, you’ll fit right into the sales department. This allows you to switch to other industries without any constraints.

Secondly, after obtaining the Salesforce administrator certificate (or advanced certificate) and given you’ll now have some experience, you can also move laterally into other Salesforce departments and then seek to move vertically in those departments.

Anyone with a Salesforce administrator certification and 2-5 years’ experience, for instance, can pursue a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant certification. This certification takes you to a whole new department where you’ll be working with product life cycles of Sales Cloud implementations.

Alternatively, you can pursue a Marketing Cloud Developer certification. Salesforce marketing cloud developers create personalized, dynamic messages, data configurations, and advanced segmentation to help their organizations better reach their audiences.

Are your Ready for the Next Step?

Salesforce careers are currently some of the most appealing. Skilled professionals in the field are in huge demand, and the pay packages are very attractive. Above all, a career in any of the Salesforce Administrator certification career paths puts you on the path to endless opportunities in pretty much any industry. If you’ve been thinking about getting into Salesforce, it would be a great place to begin your journey. Sign up with for further professional advice and training.