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6 Signs You Are An Amazing Salesforce Developer And How To Become One

Salesforce developer success signs
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6 Signs You Are An Amazing Salesforce Developer And How To Become One

Salesforce developers are some of the most sought-after Salesforce personnel and through their work, many impressive and business-changing solutions have emerged.

Today, an average Salesforce developer earns about $112,451 per year and is projected to be on the rise during the new year and beyond.

Salesforce developer success signs are seen only when you put in the effort to expand and grow in the industry.

Moreover, the industry continues to advance and grow rapidly. Salesforce is one among many of the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

CRM systems let companies manage their customer relationships and interactions through an exclusive tool and steer efficiency.

What does a Salesforce Developer do?

Well, a lot but mostly Salesforce developers carry out the following functions:

  • Meeting with clients to determine business, functional and technical requirements and participate in application design, configuration, testing, and deployment
  • Performing configuration and customization.
  • Taking part in efforts to develop and execute testing, training, and documentation
  • Engaging in the sales cycle as required.
  • Swiftness to be hands-on in producing tangible deliverables.
  • Making use of best practices to perform operational support, enhancements, bug fixes as needed.
  • Following all standard operating procedures (SOP) and maintaining updated ticketing for events, incidents, requests, changes, problems, and so forth. 8. Maintaining user roles to ensure no security breaches.
  • Integration with third-party systems impeccably.
  • Ensuring complex customer workflows into Salesforce-specific outputs.

Skills Required to be a Good Salesforce Developer

A good Salesforce Developer possesses the following technical and soft skills to be able to work efficiently and deliver results in a way that will assist the organization in building and maintaining customer relations with its prospects.

The Technical skills

Technical skills are those that require extensive reading and practice. They are more specialized and are mandatory for the execution of position tasks.

  • Fundamental object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Basic know-how of C# and JavaScript.
  • MVC style of designing.
  • Data management, modeling.
  • Visualforce and Apex fundamentals.
  • Lightning framework.
  • Developer console.
  • Web services, SQL, Salesforce Object Query Language
  • jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap

The Soft Skills

Soft skills are those interpersonal attributes that you need to function and relate properly at your workplace.

  • Public speaking and engaging others.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Empathy and listening.
  • Critical-thinking.
  • Inclusion of success.
  • Openness to feedback.
  • Ability to take on criticism positively.

Now that you know what skills you should have as a Salesforce developer, it is important that you put them to practice and use.

Good Salesforce developer success signs that predict your career success

Well, these are more suggestions than laid-down rules. There are people who join tech industries without having prior technical knowledge and still excel. See if you managed even one of the Salesforce developer success signs identified below.

You are great at Googling

A good Salesforce Developer should be able to utilize the search engine. If you made it here you must be good at googling. Most book sources are archaic and already outdated.

You have always wanted to be an engineer

Being a Salesforce Developer is similar to being an engineer as you do not conform to the ways of the business world and you are more freestyle.

You are into technology more than people

The Salesforce Developer job is a very fulfilling one and it can leave you wanting to engage more with technological materials rather than people especially if you are poor at social settings. However, know when to switch the gear while at work.

You are vigilant

Having attention to detail helps you zoom into issues that no one else is noticing. Being observant and attentive comes in handy in this type of career path.

You are a problem solver

Good Salesforce Developers will more often than not ponder about a problem and ways of arriving at the solution or the available options and will try hard until it is fixed.

You love hacking and bypassing

As a Salesforce Developer, you will be required to use certain tools to aid you to find solutions because you reach extreme points just to find satisfaction.

Qualities of a Good Salesforce Developer

Being a good Salesforce developer is no accident. It requires time, practice, and constant learning. Below are some of the qualities that would make you be considered a good Salesforce developer.


This makes the difference between an average and an amazing Salesforce Developer. It is important to keep up with industry trends and updates so that you will keep upskilling yourself to be flexible and use upgraded packages with ease and knowledge.

Quality of code

Have you ever looked at some work you did recently and wondered whether it was yourself who did it? Well, this shows how your quality of code is improving. However, this is gotten through practice and a substantial amount of experience.

Quality over quantity

This choice depends on the project quality and your ability to discern the best ways to carry it out instead of the fastest way. This is a very good sign of an amazing Salesforce Developer. It shows that they are thorough and not driven by the dollar sign that will be attached to the work.

The team

A good Salesforce Developer interacts and engages their colleagues whenever they are unable to tackle a task on their own. You would be shocked at how others can help out or give insights to aid you to intercept the problem and offer a solution.


A good Salesforce Developer has enough experience to maneuver in the workforce. Of course, you can not gain experience and knowledge at once. You will have to learn on the job a few things here and there.

With that in mind, here are more ways and tips you can follow to become even a better Salesforce developer at any stage of you career.

  • Always keep a diary, blog of interesting questions, development work (this is your reference material and stays with you for future endeavors, and read on unknown salesforce topics whenever feasible and grow your knowledge.
  • Once you are done with 1.5 years of experience start testing your skillset in the real market by applying for interviews wherever eligible this way by the time your bond completion date nears ending you will have one or two offers in hand to choose from.
  • Do trailhead super badges in salesforce and try to talk to people in your project who are working on actual requirements and try to know the solutions with them and why they would take that approach, give your inputs only if they are open for better discussions/solution and not egomaniacs.
  • You need to have sound coding skills and a good grip on apex and lightning than get certified, do a Platform Developer 1. It has tons of value in the Salesforce Developer career as a whole and its progression.

When choosing this career path, make sure that you do so for all the good reasons and be sincerely interested. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed and frustrated with no plan whatsoever on how to get back on track. And then you quill be career hopping, hoping to find the right path for your future.

Salesforce Developers get to work with engaging platforms, contribute directly to the economy, get exposed to cutting edge technology, and last but not least, it is a lucrative career path that will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled, ready to take upon new challenges and break your limits.

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