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About Us

Tapping into experience to prepare for you careers of the future

We are all about making in-demand skills of the future readily accessible through perfectly crafted mentor-based online, flexible courses.

Nurturing tomorrow's Workforce

At Plumlogixu, we understand that each of us have a different learning curve and our learning needs are different. As we craft our courses, this remains our guiding principle coupled with the belief that tomorrow's workforce needs dependable tech skills.

The best learning experience can only result from perfectly crafted curricula designed to match our lifestyles, supported by a community of mentors and advisors who understand our uniqueness. 

Students must be trained to be ready for the real world. Our syllabus coverage includes capstone projects undertaken under guidance of industry experts.


Values & principles for better learning outcomes

Students first: To achieve any success and our mission, our students are our first priority. The success of Plumlogixu depends on the success of our students and that's why our students come first.

Liberal & Constructive: Successful learning experiences are built where questions are encourage as is the respectful expression of differences. Constructive feedback and honest criticism is encouraged to build each other.  

Learning never ends: As humans, we are constantly learning and growing. Each challenge that we encounter is an excellent opportunity to learn, irrespective of one's rank.

Our learners' verbatim

I've had some success at Salesforce Administration but signing up with PlumlogixU made the difference. I earned my Salesforce Certified Administrator badge with so much ease.
Mina Yolnada
Former Accountant

Saved My Career!

For along time, I wondered was I was unable to negotiate the salaries I hoped to be paid. Only when I signed up with Plumlogixu did I realize that non-certified Salesforce Admins get paid lower than our certified colleagues. Thank you Plumlogixu for saving my career and helping me get certified.
Salesforce Administrator certification training
Rose Pelosi
Certified Salesforce Admin

Affordable, Flexible and of Value

After being the web development arena for more than 5 years, I wondered how I could venture into Salesforce and Plumlogixu offered the perfect opportunity. The training is intense, accurate and the mentors are very helpful. The real-world projects are just another thing all together.
Daniel Rosenfield
Daniel Rosenfield
Certified Salesforce Developer, 2020

Best Onboarding Experience

It's always refreshing to get talent whose skillset you can leverage right away. The onboarding of Plumlogixu's students was such fun and surprisingly fast.
Salesforce developer salaries in USA
Paul Lambert
Data Analyst, PILE Systems