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Salesforce Administrator Certification Training

Salesforce Administrators are a vital bridge between business and technology, earning on the upwards of $107,510 annually. Get your Salesforce career in shape by earning an administrator credential in just 6 months with our flexible, mentor-based training. 

Practical, hands-on training to help you master and manage the functionality and a wide range of important features available in Salesforce

The Salesforce Administrator certification is intended for those salesforce experts with experience on the Salesforce platform and are continuously looking for ways to propel their companies and organizations even further through the implementation of additional capabilities and features. If you looking to sit this exam, you should possess a broad knowledge of customizing Salesforce, managing users, regularly configuring the platform and always on the watch out for more ways to benefit from the capabilities and features of the Salesforce platform.

Based on official Salesforce Certification Guide

Our Administrator training course is aligned with the official Salesforce Certification guide

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We are certified Salesforce partners. We'll help you earn the administrator credentials and boost your career.

Expertly-curated training syllabus

Our training syllabus includes real-world case studies, projects, simulation tests, quizzes and more.

Salesforce Administrator Annual Salary Statistics

According to a Salary Survey of more than 1,800 salesforce admin professionals, the following table reveals the salary ranges for Salesforce admins in different countries.

Salesforce admins salaries in USA

Sample Skills You’ll Learn

Our industry experts have crafted a syllabus that captures everything employers are looking for besides technical skills. Our learning materials are a combination of articles, case studies, videos, hands-on projects, and career-related coursework.

Our students have been hired by some of the best organizations in the world

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For along time, I wondered was I was unable to negotiate the salaries I hoped to be paid. Only when I signed up with Plumlogixu did I realize that non-certified Salesforce Admins get paid lower than our certified colleagues. Thank you Plumlogixu for saving my career and helping me get certified.
Salesforce Administrator certification training
Rose Pelosi
Certified Salesforce Admin


The full tuition fees for the Salesforce Administrator Certification training is $5,000. Upfront payments attracts a discount of up to $500. Monthly payments are allowed at the rate of $850. Deferred tuition option is unavailable but will be launched in soon.

Tuition Summary
Duration6-8 Months
Job GuaranteeYes

Frequently asked questions about Salesforce Administrator

1. What is a Salesforce administrator?

A Salesforce administrator is the person responsible for system administration and possesses a perfect understanding of Salesforce’s suite of products. The administrators provide the point of contact for anyone or user in a company who have questions about Salesforce product and features.

2. How much money do Salesforce administrators make?

In the USA, a survey by Mason Frank International on salaries revealed that:

  • Junior-level admins earn around $97,350
  • Mid-level admins earn around $107,510
  • Senior-level admins earn about $122,350
3. What are the responsibilities of a Salesforce administrator?

Salesforce administrator responsibilities include:

  • Managing users, data, and security.
  • Maintaining and customizing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud apps.
  • Building reports, dashboards, and workflows.
4. Are Salesforce admins in demand?

Salesforce admins have been in high demand just like Salesforce CRM. Since the introduction of Lightning, Admins are exploring more skills to secure even more lucrative positions and remain relevant and in high demand.

5. Does Salesforce admin require coding?

Hardly do Salesforce admins require coding skills while at work as they are part of a larger Salesforce team including developers. However, it’s beneficial for admins to have coding skills.

6. Do you need a degree to be a Salesforce admin?

It’s not mandatory to have a college degree to be an admin. Nonetheless, admins need to possess at least a high school degree or GED as most admin jobs require some experience as a java developer.

7. How long does it take to become a Salesforce administrator?

For completely new entrants in the Salesforce ecosystem, one may need to spend at least 10hrs/week for 6 weeks to be able to sit and pass the Salesforce admin certification exams. For those with previous experience, it may take between 2-3 weeks doing 10hrs/week at the minimum.

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