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Whether you are looking for tech experts in data science or analytics, or looking for Salesforce talents as administrators or developers, our graduates are ready for the challenge.

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One of the reasons of our students are hired by some of the leading tech companies is because of the rigorous training they undergo and the expertly-curated syllabus used in courses. Our graduates have more than tech skills and is a great addition to your team bringing in expertise, motivation, creativity and leadership.

Mentored by the best in the industry

Hire with confidence knowing that our students have been thoroughly trained and exposed to real-world problems.

More than just tech skills

We know the problems hiring managers have with most tech candidates. Our graduates have been exposed to the best skill combination for the real world.

Rigorous project-based syllabus

Our students are exposed to real-world project case studies and are required to complete one capstone project through which they demonstrate their mastery of syllabus subjects.

Our students have been hired by some of the best organizations in the world

Tech talents for tech roles driving the future of companies

Best Onboarding Experience

It's always refreshing to get talent whose skillset you can leverage right away. The onboarding of Plumlogixu's students was such fun and surprisingly fast.
Salesforce developer salaries in USA
Paul Lambert
Data Analyst, PILE Systems

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