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How to Take Advantage of Salesforce Certifications to Climb the Career Ladder

Advantages of Salesforce certifications
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How to Take Advantage of Salesforce Certifications to Climb the Career Ladder

The pool of opportunities in Salesforce is endless. There is too much to do within the ecosystem. From administrator to developer to consultant, there just isn’t an end to the number of opportunities within. According to a recent study by IDC, Salesforce is set to create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026.

That’s huge! And it’s just the beginning. However, despite all these opportunities, many people still fail to figure out the ecosystem. Most professionals are still at the point at which they started. One of the major reasons attributed to this stagnation is a lack of certifications, which is why we will be looking at the advantages of salesforce certifications shortly.

Many people negate the importance of certifications in advancing careers, after all, they are within the system and their experience speaks for them.

However, certification is important for climbing the career ladder. More so within the Salesforce ecosystem.

And today we look at exactly how to advance your career using Salesforce certifications. Keep on reading to find out the advantages of Salesforce certifications.

Why you should get Salesforce certified

Salesforce is without a doubt the world’s leading CRM. It is the ultimate tool for managing businesses and boosting sales!

Since its launch in 1999 to date, Salesforce has helped become better and more profitable.

Businesses have continually discovered the immeasurable value of Salesforce and that is why more and more Salesforce professionals are being sought after by organizations all day every day.

There are many players in the Salesforce ecosystem. Some of them have figured out the platform on the go, over the years, while others have taken courses to understand the platform.

In it all, Salesforce Certifications are substantial proof that you have gone through the platform, and have understood it.

Certifications position you as an expert with a deep understanding of the platform. They are the differentiator between experts and wannabe professionals.

Other than that, Salesforce certifications can really help you to climb up your career ladder. There are many advantages to being certified, and here are just a few of them:

Advantages of Salesforce certifications

There are countless advantages of Salesforce Certifications and we’ve listed the top five to get you excited already.

  1. Career Advancement

Among the advantages of Salesforce certifications is career growth. Salesforce certifications can really help you climb up the ladder to very advanced roles.

Salesforce roles have different levels to them. Certifications help you to climb up the level to very advanced roles within the ecosystem.

You could start as an administrator and transition to a consultant as you add on to your certifications.

Certifications can also help you when looking for a top job. It is no secret that top companies prefer to hire certified professionals. So if you’re looking for that top job, then you better get Salesforce certifications.

Lastly, certification can be a deciding factor when it comes to promotions and other career opportunities. There are many factors to consider when making promotions and certifications are one of them.

Being certified plays to your advantage should you be shortlisted for a promotion or a new role.

  1. Increased Earning Potential

Certifications make a difference to paychecks. They are your bargain for a higher salary.

Certifications are proof that you’ve gone through the system and you understand your stuff. They are an indicator of value. And value is always well remunerated.

In almost every industry, certifications guarantee you a higher salary than your non-certified counterparts.

Salesforce is no different. Salesforce certified professionals are in high demand and often command higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts.

Research estimate that certified Salesforce professionals are paid 25% more than those not certified. A research by Slide Share found that the average uncertified salary increased from $70,000 to $87,000 after certification.

According to a recent study, certified IT professionals receive as much as 40% in pay hikes the moment they get a single certification on their resume. And the pay gets better with increased certifications.

Salesforce certifications can help you prove your value and negotiate for higher pay.

  1. Improved Job security

You are less dispensable if you are valuable to the organization. Your job is more secure as long as you’re still valuable to the organization.

Certifications help to prove your value in the organization. And with this proven value, your job is more secure.

Salesforce certifications also make it easier for you to get another job elsewhere, should you leave your current one.

Organizations are constantly looking for Salesforce professionals and those with certifications tend to have it easy in the job market.

  1. Confidence Booster

Among the many advantages of Salesforce certification is the confidence boost you get.

Just like getting a Ph.D., Salesforce certification impart in you a level of confidence never experienced before.

For starters, people regard you as the expert you are. That’s quite fulfilling.

Secondly, the certification is a validation that you understand the ecosystem well. And that goes a long way to boost your confidence.

The certification exam tests more than the coursework. It tests your abilities to plan and execute. It tests your problem-solving skills and other soft skills. Validating these competencies feels good and reinforces your expertise in the ecosystem.

This confidence boost goes a long way to building your career. It is particularly important for job seekers who are new to Salesforce or looking to make a career change.

  1. Access to a community of professionals

Communities are everything in the world of tech. They offer members a sense of belonging and an opportunity to share experiences.

Communities offer you the chance to share challenges and brainstorm solutions together. You also get to share opportunities and network with like-minded people.

Salesforce communities are no different. They are a safe haven for Salesforce professionals.

Salesforce certifications give you access to a community of certified professionals who can provide support and networking opportunities. This can be a valuable resource for learning more about Salesforce best practices and building your career.

Take Advantage

The advantages of Salesforce certifications are endless.

A Salesforce certification can open up new career opportunities, increase earning potential, and improve your job security. It can also improve and boost your confidence and give you valuable access to a community of professionals.

A Salesforce certification is a very valuable asset to any professional. It can greatly change and accelerate your career. And we hope we’ve helped you see just that.

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