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6 Reasons Why You Need To Become A Salesforce Developer Now

become a Salesforce developer
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6 Reasons Why You Need To Become A Salesforce Developer Now

What reasons would one have to want to become a Salesforce developer?

In 2019, Indeed ranked Salesforce Developer at #10 among the best jobs to have in the world. This is not a surprise though given that Salesforce is such a huge platform powering digital transformation for enterprises today.

In 2021, Salesforce Developer was ranked again among the top 15 best jobs in the world by Indeed. Amazingly, the best jobs ahead of Salesforce developer had no company specifically in mind, but rather just generic roles that cut across all industries.

This goes a long way in explaining the reason why Salesforce is such a buzzword today in the technology world. And for those pursuing technology careers, a Salesforce developer position is one of the hottest tech positions in the world today.

6 Reasons why you should become a Salesforce Developer

Let’s explore the reasons why you should become a Salesforce Developer today.

Work with a world-dominating technology

Salesforce is no doubt the world’s leading CRM platform, revolutionizing how organizations run their operations and relationships with their customers. The CRM platform is so evolving and competitive that it has already posted a year-on-year average growth of 25% over the last four years and has promised to double these figures over the next four years.

As Salesforce grows, it is estimated that new Salesforce positions will generate 3.3 million new jobs by the end of the year 2022. And with the wave of digital transformation and the fact that Salesforce is a cloud platform, the demand for cloud professionals is set to skyrocket.

Consequently, the demand for those with the ability to develop systems and integrations for the most popular CRM in the world is also going to skyrocket.

Extensive job opportunities

The demand for Salesforce professionals has been increasing rapidly. But over the last few years, the rise has been so significant- more than what the workforce can upskill to match.

Consequently, the Salesforce job market has become any candidate’s paradise, offering a buffet of opportunities. In fact, the Salesforce Developer roles outnumber available talent by 4:1.

In North America alone, at least 390 new Salesforce Dev roles are advertised each month. And because top businesses have always competed to attract the best talent, qualified Salesforce developers have plenty of leverage to negotiate their packages, salaries and working conditions that best suit their needs.

10Kview, in their latest report, predicted that Salesforce developers with the right skills will be able to work wherever they want and for the pay that they best deserve.

Be part of an exciting, innovative platform

Although Salesforce has been around for the last two decades, it’s showing no signs of slowing down in its innovative tendencies. Salesforce currently releases 3 updates a year with a set of new tools and innovative features available to users and developers to constantly develop new and exciting features to keep Salesforce ahead in new advances and trends.

Salesforce seems to have kept its promise of making its customers’ lives easier, which means anything in the technology world that would make their lives easier, Salesforce is likely working to incorporate it in their platform. This can be blockchain or serverless computing or AI.

Salesforce has also made it easier for developers not to worry about the underlying infrastructure with its single codebase methodology. This way developers only need to concentrate on building apps and analyzing data. As a developer, you have all the space you need to take a business-led approach to solutions, flex your creative muscles and think outside the box.

Be part of an inclusive community

Salesforce is not only the world’s best CRM but also among the best companies to work for. It has been named in countless lists of the best companies in the world, including the top ten companies to work for in the last four years.

It was on the list of Forbes’s World’s Most Innovative companies for 8 years in a row and was second in Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for. These ratings not only consider the pros working at Salesforce headquarters, but the entire Salesforce ecosystem which many of its employees say is welcoming, collaborative and helpful.

The Salesforce community often referred to as the Ohana, comprises freelance Salesforce pros, internal employees and those who work for ISVSs, customers and partners. This is a community that is built on the sharing culture which Salesforce has promoted over the years and embodies growth, trust, innovation, and equality in everyday activities.

Working within the Salesforce community means you will never be short of support, guidance, or a sense of kinship.

Access to heaps of training opportunities

A platform so fast as Salesforce cannot thrive without training opportunities available to its users. Salesforce has built one of the most comprehensive training platforms, the trailhead, a learning platform that offers learning opportunities for budding Salesforce experts to learn at their own pace, time and connect to a vast community of fellow learners ready to share knowledge, skills, advice and support.

Salesforce Trailhead takes care of everyone, whether you’re new to Salesforce or an upcoming expert. You have dedicated learning materials that can take you to every level, product knowledge, or even job role.

If you are a trailhead user, you can receive points, collect budgets, and enroll for certifications that employers value and help you bargain your pay package.

High earning potential

One of the reasons why you should become a Salesforce developer is the fact that you stand a high chance of earning a high income. As you already know, Salesforce developer has been voted as one of the top 15 best jobs in the world.

While the average salary for a software developer in the US is about $85,500, that of Salesforce developers, depending on experience, range between $111,232 and $161,418. Freelance Salesforce developers are not left out either, with an average pay of between  $70 to $155.

If you plug in specializations in certain aspects of Salesforce such as Visualforce or Sales Cloud, and some certifications in it, you have a high chance of earning the highest income as a Salesforce developer.

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