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10 Ethical Hacking Tools And Software You Need To Know As A Cybersecurity Professional In 2022

ethical hacking tools and software
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10 Ethical Hacking Tools And Software You Need To Know As A Cybersecurity Professional In 2022

Ethical hacking is a form of mock hacking in which a hacker intentionally targets a system to exploit its flaws and vulnerabilities. This process is important in identifying weak points in a system and consequently addressing the system flaws.

Ethical hacking has been widely embraced by organizations as they strive to safeguard their systems against malicious attacks. If you’ve wanted to learn ethical hacking of try out some software, this list summarizes the top ethical hacking tools and software to test out.

Ethical hacking is quite similar to malicious or black-hat hacking. The only difference is the intentions for hacking. While malicious hacking is meant for fraud and theft, ethical hacking is a proactive measure for system security.  Making ethical hacking an organizational practice can be exceptionally helpful in system security.

There are many ethical hacking tools and software. Many more are still being developed. These software and tools come with different functionalities. Ethical hackers ought to be well conversant with these software and tools.

Ethical Hacking Tools And Software To Try Out In 2022

We discuss some of the ethical hacking tools and software you ought to know as a Cybersecurity professional.


This is among the best and most widely used ethical hacking tools and software. Kismet is used to test wireless networks by hacking them. Kismet is also used to detect wireless networks and devices. It is used as a sniffer for wireless intrusion detection (WIDS).

Kismet uses data traffic to passively identify and map hidden and non-beaconing networks. Kismet can be installed in Linux OS as well as windows. This is one of the ethical hacking tools and software that Cybersecurity professionals must be cognizant of.


NetStumbler is a popular ethical hacking tool and software for Cybersecurity personnel. It is used to prevent wardriving. The application is Windows-based. It is used to discover WLAN networks running on 802.11 a/b/g standards.

This tool is quite powerful and helps Cybersecurity personnel in identifying access points and detecting unauthorized access points. Other uses include network configuration, assessing signal strength, and finding the cause of interference.

MiniStumbler is a new version of NetStumbler. Both versions are available for Cybersecurity professionals to choose from.


WebInspect is an automated scanner for complex web applications. This ethical hacking software best suits ethical hackers by offering a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the scanned website. WebInspect has several features that make it among the top tools for ethical hacking.

The most important aspect of WebInspect is its dependable ability to offer a comprehensive analysis. WebInspect also allows users to stay in control of the scans. The software offers relevant data and statistics to help you make a decision. The software is also extensive and tests dynamic behaviors of the web application in order to adequately map all vulnerabilities.


Intruder is an ethical hacking software that every Cybersecurity expert must have. It is a scanner that searches for weak points. The system is totally automated therefore making it popular with many Cybersecurity professionals.

Intruder searches for security weaknesses, reports on the risks identified and helps users to address the risks. The system is extremely powerful and offers over 8000 security checks.

Intruder is a very useful ethical hacking tool and software. It helps the users to identify missing patches, map out misconfigurations and actively scan the system for vulnerabilities. Intruder also integrates with Slack and other major cloud companies


This is an open-source tool used for exploiting and examining flaws in SQL injections and taking control of database servers. The system is highly automated making it convenient and easy to use. SQLMap is also used to connect directly to several specific databases. SQLMap can support over 6 SQL injections.

SQLMap supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and more. SQLMap also supports the execution of arbitrary commands. SQLMap is a must-know ethical hacking tool and software for you.

Angry IP Scanner

As the name suggests, this is a tool for scanning IP addresses and ports. Identifying open pots is one of the ways in which organizations can be proactive in their system security measures. This tool helps ethical hackers map and identify open ports.

Angry IP Scanner can be used on the internet or installed on your local network. It supports macOS, Linux, and Windows. Angry IP scanner can export results in different formats and is extensible with lots of data fetchers.


QualysGuard is a globally trusted online hacking tool. It is a unique scan engine used to find vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers use this tool to check for vulnerabilities in cloud systems. Organizations can streamline their security solutions using this tool.

QualysGuard is scalable with numerous end-to-end solutions. It incorporates real-time data analysis and reporting as well as responds to threats in real-time.


The most common form of hacking is password cracking. Some passwords are easy to crack. Password setting is normally left to users. Some of these users may however not be technical in their password choices. It is the role of the ethical hacker to determine the password strength of every user.

Hashcat is a password cracking tool. It helps ethical hackers to audit password strength and to retrieve lost passwords. Its numerous advantages put it among the top ethical hacking tools and software of 2022. Hashcat is open source and is supported on multiple platforms.


Nmap is among the most desired ethical hacking tools and software. Nmap is a network exploitation tool. It also serves as open-source security and port scanner. Most Cybersecurity experts use Nmap for network inventory and exploration. Nmap can be used for host monitoring, checking for service uptime, and managing upgrade schedules.

Several features make Nmap highly sought after and among the top ethical hacking tools and software. Its ability to operate in Windows, Linux, and macOS has made it experience a universal embrace. Nmap also contains a debugging tool, therefore, making it ideal for many Cybersecurity experts.


Nikto is a web scanner for identifying outdated and problematic software. Nikto can perform general tasks as well as customized tasks. Nikto is open-source and free. It is among the top ethical hacking tools and software of 2022. It can check version-specific problems over 200+ servers and identify problems.

Wrap Up

There are many ethical hacking tools and software to help Cybersecurity professionals perform their tasks better. These tools are very helpful while simulation a hack. Ethical hackers must be cognizant and well conversant with these tools for effective task performance.

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