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Here are the Top Cybersecurity Predictions 2023 To Watch Out For And Prepare

Cybersecurity Predictions 2023
Cyber Security / Data Security

Here are the Top Cybersecurity Predictions 2023 To Watch Out For And Prepare

For cybersecurity, predicting the future is grounded in realities that are already here. The year that was has seen many predicted cybersecurity trends come to wreak havoc. For example, the Game Stop saga and then again over at Twitter where their presence exaggerated the number of accounts that were active and harmed the integrity of what was shared on the platform.

Top 7 Cybersecurity Predictions Likely To Dominate 2023 And Beyond

Part trend, part signal, and part experience, here are more cybersecurity predictions to look for in 2023.

Big Year of SASE

Get ready for big buzz on SASE – Secure access service edge is a cybersecurity technology on the verge of a massive push. It comes down to organizations seeking simplified solutions, tighter technology stacks, and an achievable alignment between network performance and security as data and users become more diverse, more widely distributed, and more vulnerable than ever.

Think of this as secured data that is closer than ever to the edge of the network with a minimal amount of distance to the end user.

Zero Trust Adoption

Many sources cite that the industry is still underutilizing the Zero Trust cybersecurity principles. Updated security platforms and tools are broadly adopting Zero Trust integration and for the most part, this appears to be a cultural and educational matter that will see increasing adoption in the year ahead.

While Zero Trust is not the proverbial ‘silver bullet’ of cybersecurity, it is part of the foundation of evolving cybersecurity that strives to authenticate users everywhere possible in a modern cloud infrastructure.

A rise in Targeted Ransomware

All you need to do to get the pulse of the ransomware threat today is pull it up as a search term in the news on any given day of the week. Ransomware attacks happen in one of two ways: by opportunistic means, or by targeting someone or something.

Targeted attacks are way more sophisticated and specific, and we have seen an increase in reports that indicate custom ransomware has been launched against an organization’s specific technology stack.

In the crosshairs have been large organizations that are multi-national, and through the definition of its services cannot endure a prolonged outage.

Space And Airline Hacks

Where is Elon today? There’s an actual Twitter account that tracks and shares the location of his personal jet. One thing is for certain, his efforts at SpaceX continue to make headlines as rockets, satellites, and space missions dazzle the news cycle.

It is a tale of a new space age that has computer technology and networking at its core while the whole world is watching, participating, and in some cases, bad actors are looking for the perfect opportunity to strike.

With other less capable competitors launching satellites into space, there is a likelihood that this year will contain some kind of a major space tech breach, against a satellite, launch center, a network, communications – in other words, hacking will take on a new horizon, breaking free from Earth and adversely impacting satellite technology or potentially even commercial airplanes.

Growing Threat in 5G and APIs

On the heels of the mobile and app threat – fluid and exploding data add an increasingly vulnerable component to the future of cybersecurity.

5G mobile networking has added an entirely new high-speed dimension to every existing threat. In addition, automation, and integrations from cloud to app, app to app, from ecosystem to ecosystem, and beyond – they all entail that some type of API is in place and to hackers, that just means something else to pick at and exploit.

Building secure software solutions means integrating security across the infrastructure, networking, all the way up to the application in the stack. Between 5G connectivity, weak IoT cybersecurity standards, and an ever-expanding world of API, it won’t be long before unknown cracks result in a massive incident. This why comprehensive API security is so critical.

Big Breaches? Big Fines

It seems like nothing is immune from inflation. The hammer will start to come down harder and more frequently when an organization is breached.

Adding to that trend – state privacy laws are about to go into effect, along with new measures of compliance specific to breaches.

The rules are becoming stricter so expect that the fines that are on the books to hit pocket books even harder, especially as future fines are expected to grow against anyone that isn’t deemed to have had their house in order prior to a breach.

Linux Won’t be Immune

Serious security practitioners have never considered Linux to be a zero threat, but the platform has historically benefitted from reduced targeting because purpose-built systems, community-built standards, and overall performance have largely exempted this operating system from widespread threats.

If you’ve ever wondered if nothing good can last forever, you can believe it when it comes to Linux. Sooner or later, this one is happening.

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