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Unlock Your Earnings Potential: Practical Strategies to Enhance Your Salesforce Income

how to increase your Salesforce earning potential
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Unlock Your Earnings Potential: Practical Strategies to Enhance Your Salesforce Income

Ah, Salesforce. The mere mention of its name is enough to make the hearts of business owners and tech enthusiasts alike skip a beat.

We’ve all heard the buzz about the impact Salesforce is expected to have on the job market by 2026. More business revenues for their customers, a partner ecosystem, and new job opportunities for skilled professionals – it’s like music to our ears!

And I’m sure you’ve probably googled how to increase your salesforce earning potential.

But let’s face it, folks. With so many talented individuals vying for the same jobs, how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s time to put on your thinking caps and get creative.

After all, with the dark cloud of recession looming overhead, it’s not just about increasing your earning potential anymore. It’s about increasing your value and employability.

Use these expert tips on how to increase your Salesforce earning potential

Luckily, there’s always room for improvement and growth, even for the most seasoned Salesforce professionals out there. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Certifications means more than you can enumerate

If you want to know how to increase your salesforce earning potential as a Salesforce professionals, getting certified has no excuse.. It’s a tangible way to demonstrate that you really know your stuff, and it can help you land that promotion or job you’ve been eyeing.

Plus, it can potentially lead to a nice bump in your salary!

In fact, according to a recent career survey, 67% of respondents reported a salary increase after earning a Salesforce certification, with an average increase of 21%. That’s pretty impressive!

Of course, there’s always the chance that getting certified won’t lead to a salary increase, but it’s definitely worth pursuing for the other benefits it offers.

Plus, certifications aren’t just about the money. They’re also a great way to deepen your knowledge of the Salesforce platform, expand your skill set, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and features.

And let’s be honest – it’s also just really cool to have a bunch of certifications on your LinkedIn profile!

Take a specialization route!

Congratulations on being a Salesforce professional! But, what’s next? Well, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition, specializing in a particular area is the way to go.

By pairing your core Salesforce skills with a specialization, you’ll find yourself sitting pretty in the middle of the Venn diagram, appealing to organizations looking for expertise in both areas.

But with over 30 specializations available on the Salesforce platform, where do you even begin? Fear not, dear reader, because we’ve got you covered.

The path you choose should be determined by several factors, such as the biggest needs of your users, your organization’s technology roadmap, and the specializations required for the job you’re eyeing if you plan on leaving your current gig.

For example, if you notice that agent productivity is low, specializing in optimizing Service Cloud might be the way to go.

Or, if your organization is planning to explore Salesforce CPQ, getting certified in that area could put you at the top of the list for any relevant job openings. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start exploring and find your niche in the Salesforce world!

Go beyond the current obvious challenges

Listen up, folks, because I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you. When it comes to completing tasks, the “check it off and move on” mentality is a recipe for disaster. Trust me, I know a thing or two about productivity.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a page out of the books of some of the best professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Developers, for example, approach everything as an iterative process. They know that the key to success is not just completing a task but continually refining and improving upon it.

For instance, when writing a trigger, a good developer might work on the same trigger three times. They’ll do it once, receive feedback and guidance from more experienced team members, and then redo their work with that new knowledge.

It might seem like a slower development cycle, but the cumulative effect of these iterative improvements will ultimately lead to progress and mastery, not to mention more free time to learn more advanced concepts.

So, take a step back and rethink your approach to tasks. Embrace the power of iteration and always strive for improvement. It might take a little longer, but the results will be worth it in the end.

When it comes to Salesforce Business Analysts, their approach to tasks is all about asking “why.” These professionals are the ones who dive deep into the business process to understand what the business needs from its technology.

They act as translators between the business and the technology, gathering information from various sources to come to their own conclusions.

While it may seem like a full-time job, the truth is that any Salesforce professional can benefit from adopting a business analyst’s mindset.

By taking the time to understand the “why” behind a task or process, you can better align your work with the business’s needs and objectives.

This is especially important when you don’t have a dedicated business analyst on your team.

So, let’s take a page out of the business analyst’s book and start asking “why” more often. By diving into various sources of information and analyzing them critically, we can better understand the bigger picture and make more informed decisions.

Who knows, you might even discover a more efficient or effective way of doing things that could benefit the whole team.

Think of the On-Demand Skills

The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit, released in 2022, is a game-changer for aspiring Salesforce Admins. It outlines the 14 essential skills required to excel in this role, including everything from user management to process automation.

What’s interesting is that the Skills Kit doesn’t just focus on technical skills. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of “softer” skills like communication, attention to detail, and business analysis.

These skills may not be a part of your day-to-day routine, but they’re incredibly valuable nonetheless. They’re the kind of skills that can make you stand out in the organization and earn the respect of your colleagues and superiors.

One of the great things about these situational skills is that they can’t be taught in a classroom. They require a type of intuition that comes from experience and observation.

And when you do exercise these skills, you’ll quickly become an indispensable advisor to your colleagues.

In smaller organizations where there may only be one admin, you may find yourself wearing many hats. But that’s an opportunity to shine and demonstrate your value to the organization. So, wear those many hats with style and show everyone what you’re made of!

Ever heard of personal brands? Build one!

If you ever wonder how to increase your salesforce earning potential, this one right here a must have in your checklist.

Are you tired of feeling like just another employee at your company? It’s time to start building your personal brand!

Not only is it a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge, but it can also protect you during tough economic times.

So, where do you start? First, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and showcases your expertise.

This is your online resume, so don’t be shy about highlighting your certifications, tools, and technologies. And, don’t forget to mention any volunteering experience – it’s a great way to show that you care about more than just work!

But that’s not all – you should also have an active presence on social media. Post regularly on LinkedIn, sharing insights and discoveries that you’ve made.

And don’t worry about being too long-winded – sometimes the most impactful posts are the ones that go into detail.

With a strong personal brand, you’ll be the go-to person in your industry. And if you ever find yourself in a tough spot, your personal brand can help you bounce back faster than you ever thought possible. So go ahead, start building your brand today!

Watch and understand the roadmap. You’ll be grateful you did

Salesforce platform updates come three times a year – Spring, Summer, and Winter. Keeping up with these updates is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of Salesforce.

By staying on top of these updates, you’ll have knowledge about the latest functionality that other professionals might not be familiar with.

And being “future-thinking” will help you make smart trade-offs when building solutions. Instead of creating something that only meets an immediate need, you can ask yourself if there will be a standard feature available in future releases that you can leverage.

Thankfully, Salesforce publishes most of their roadmap, so you can easily keep track of upcoming changes. This allows you to create scalable solutions that will hold strong even when Salesforce makes platform updates. And trust us, you don’t want to be in a sticky situation where you have to pull everything back to zero because your custom solution doesn’t align with Salesforce updates.

By being intuitive and forward-thinking, you can bring incredible value to your organization and protect your org against potential pitfalls. So, make sure to stay up-to-date with Salesforce platform updates – your future self will thank you!

Become a force multiplier

That’s right, increasing your earning potential is not just about you. It’s about using your expertise to help others on your team and even your users work more effectively. So, let’s dive into some examples of how you can be a multiplier:

For developers, you can create reusable components/actions that can be used by admins in Flow. This not only helps admins work more efficiently, but it also helps maintain consistency across the platform.

Admins, on the other hand, can create comprehensive reports and dashboards that answer leadership’s burning questions.

Make it easy enough for them to self-serve and get the insights they need. This not only saves time but also ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Marketing admins can also get in on the action by creating a set of template assets (landing pages, emails, etc.) and segments for other users to copy per campaign. This helps prevent duplication of work and ensures that campaigns are consistent and on-brand.

As a Salesforce professional, it’s your job to be a champion for the platform and get others enthusiastic about using it. When you see inefficiencies, step in and make that other person’s work life more fulfilling.

Remember, being a force multiplier not only benefits others but can also benefit your own career growth. So, go out there and be a multiplier!

Go beyond what you know salesforce to be

We know that working with Salesforce can be an all-consuming job. You spend so much time working within the platform that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s happening in the wider world. That’s why it’s important to explore beyond Salesforce.

Getting up-to-date with current events, checking out what your competitors are doing, and even keeping an eye on what Salesforce’s competitors are up to, can all give you a broader understanding of the industry you work in.

This, in turn, will enable you to talk with an impressive breadth of knowledge.

Of course, it’s not just about what you know. Soft skills are just as important in the workplace as technical knowledge, and recent Salesforce certifications have begun to reflect this.

But there are also many other credentials you can earn to complement your Salesforce expertise and showcase a diverse range of skills.

So, don’t limit yourself to Salesforce alone. By expanding your knowledge and skillset beyond the platform, you’ll not only become a more well-rounded professional but also position yourself as an asset to your team and organization.

There could be greener pastures beyond your location’s confines

When it comes to Salesforce salaries, location matters! The cost of living and demand for Salesforce skills can vary greatly from place to place, and this can impact your earning potential.

If you’re living in a high-demand area like New York, California, or Texas, you might find that your skills are in greater demand and therefore command a higher salary.

Another factor to consider is travel. If you’re willing to hit the road and travel extensively for work, you might find that you can earn more money as a Consultant. These road warriors put in extra time and effort to deliver results for their clients, and this can pay off in the form of higher salaries.

If you’re curious about Salesforce salaries in your city, be sure to check out our Careers and Hiring Guide. This is a great resource for getting a sense of what you can expect to earn based on your location and level of experience.

Remember there’s a huge Salesforce community out there to hold your hands

Hey, let’s talk about the Salesforce community out there! There are so many ways to connect with people who share your interests, from user groups to meetups and even online forums.

At PlumlogixU, we believe in the power of community and the value of building relationships with others in the industry. That’s why we offer training and certification programs that not only teach you the skills you need but also connect you with industry experts and fellow learners.

We know that being part of a community can help you grow in your career, learn new things, and get inspired. And we want to make sure that you have access to all the resources you need to succeed in the Salesforce world.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, don’t hesitate to join the Salesforce community and make a name for yourself. And if you need any help along the way, PlumlogixU is here for you!

Final Words On How To Increase Your Salesforce Earning Potential

So, you want to be a Salesforce superstar, huh? Well, you’re in luck! With a little hard work, some persistence, and a sprinkle of pizzazz, you too can reach the top of the Salesforce mountain.

First things first, though, you need to be a master of the platform. Get your certifications, build your skills, and stay up to date with the latest releases.

But don’t stop there! Be a force multiplier for your team, spread the Salesforce love, and always be on the lookout for ways to make things more efficient. And if all else fails, just make friends with the IT department – they’ll be able to fix anything you break (just kidding…kind of).