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How A Personal Career And Skills Audit Can Fuel Your Career Growth In 2022

personal career and skills audit
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How A Personal Career And Skills Audit Can Fuel Your Career Growth In 2022

The number of people dissatisfied with their jobs is continually on an increase. Recent statistics reveal that 4% of all American employees are dissatisfied with their jobs.  There are many reasons for this dissatisfaction of the workforce.

Lack of a work-life balance, poor organizational culture, under remuneration, and limited career growth at the organization are just some of the reasons behind employee dissatisfaction. Employee satisfaction is paramount for employee efficiency and optimal performance. 

A personal career and skills audit is essential amidst employee dissatisfaction. A career audit is a detailed analysis of your career. It focuses on your career and the progress so far. A career audit also details your plans for the future and how to continually build your career. 

A career audit is important for every professional. Career audits are best conducted when there is a change in the organization you work in. Whether it’s a new manager, CEO, or simply corporate reorganization, career audits are very necessary when there is a significant change in management in your organization.

How to do a successful personal career and skills audit to totally transform your career

There are a few steps to carry out when doing a career audit. Here is what to do while auditing your career.

Review your roles and position

This is one of the most important steps in your career audit. Knowing what you do and whether it contributes to your career growth is very important. What do you like and dislike about your job? Is there anything that you could change? What is the relevance of my role and current position and how does it contribute to my career?

Review your Organizational Culture

Your workplace is your second home. People spend over 40 hours in their workplace. Reviewing your work environment is a crucial step of your career audit. Do you like where you work? How is your relationship with your colleagues? What is the organizational and work culture of your company? The organizational culture shapes the careers of employees and their growth.

Review your compensation structure

What is your objective view concerning your remuneration? Do you feel underpaid, overpaid, or fairly compensated? What is your compensation as compared to the average pay of similar jobs? Is there something that can be done concerning your remuneration status? 

Review the status of your health

How does your work affect your physical, mental, and emotional health? Are you in a toxic work environment or do you feel loved and appreciated? Workplaces and the experiences at our places of work have an immense effect on our health. Your health as you work impacts your career and your growth.

Review your skills and strengths

Do you get to use your skills in your job? How relevant are your skills in what you do? Just because you are extremely good and competent at something does not mean you enjoy it. Do you need a personal skills audit?

A personal career and skills audit is also important to growing your career. Understanding what you can and cannot do is essential for personal and career growth. personal career and skills audit simply means taking inventory of your skills and gauging your proficiency in the listed skills.

Personal skills audits are also important for the knowledge of self. Professional growth requires that you understand yourself, your skills, and your capabilities. Personal skills audits go beyond the technical skills required for you to perform your job. Personal skills audits cut across technical skills, soft skills, and relational skills. 

To get started on your personal skills audit, the following steps are important.

  • List down all your skills and your proficiency in the listed skills. Remember to have a thorough moment of self-reflection. Ensure you list all skills from technical skills, soft skills, and relational skills.
  • Consider your current job and job description. Try to establish a relationship between your skills and the skills required by your job. Ascertain the requisite skills for your job and your industry at large.
  • Identify a skills gap. Having understood your skills and the requisite skills for your industry examine and identify skills gaps. List the missing skills and make a plan to work on acquiring the missing skills.

Benefits of Personal Career and Skills Audit

There are several ways in which a career and Persona skills audit can fuel your career growth. Having conducted a career and Personal Skills Audit, let us now examine exactly how they can accelerate your career growth.

Reveal weaknesses and skills gaps

A career audit and a personal skills audit can reveal your shortcomings. These audits reveal to you the skills gaps and weaknesses that hinder your career growth. Having identified your shortcomings, it is important to take the necessary steps to improve yourself and shorten your list of weaknesses.

Track your growth

A personal career and skills audit is a great way to track your growth. Both reveal gaps that are evaluated in subsequent audits. Working on the gaps identified in your audits helps you to grow your career.

Identify Improvement Areas

To advance your career, it is important to continually take actions and initiatives that improve you and make you better. A personal career and skills audit reveals to you your shortcomings and areas that need improvements. 

Helps You to Settle or Change Careers

A dissatisfactory career can be unfulfilling and unsettling. It is important to do what you love and cherish. Doing something you love makes you committed and consequently productive. A career audit is crucial in measuring your satisfaction. Based on the results of your career audit and your level of satisfaction in your career, a decision on whether to stay put or change careers can be made.


A personal career and skills audit is very essential for professional growth. These two forms of audits should be priorities for professionals desirous for growth. Taking time to analyze and understand yourself is an important step in growth. 

personal career and skills audit helps you to strategize and formulate a roadmap for growth. They fuel career growth making you a valuable person in your scope of work.

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