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How Much Do Salesforce Developers Make In 2022? Salesforce Developer Salary Guide 2022

Salesforce developer salary guide 2022
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How Much Do Salesforce Developers Make In 2022? Salesforce Developer Salary Guide 2022

Salaries for Salesforce developers are highly debated. The adoption of Salesforce as the world’s most popular CRM has made the demand for Salesforce developers skyrocket. Salesforce developers are continually being sought after to assist businesses in properly utilizing Salesforce hence the need to discuss the Salesforce developer salary guide 2022.

Businesses experience unique problems. Customer acquisition is among the greatest problems businesses experience. Converting a lead into a loyal and paying customer has some complexities. The loyalty of a customer is not only determined by the quality of your product. 

CRMs assist businesses to automate and streamline several operational processes. Salesforce is among the top CRMs in the world.  Salesforce has been assisting businesses to move forward over the past two decades.

Salesforce has immense value to businesses. Salesforce assists your marketing team, IT team, and sales team to be effective in their roles. It assists you to understand customer requirements and provides you with solutions to keep your customers satisfied.

Salesforce developers are paid differently in different organizations in different countries. The remuneration of a Salesforce developer is determined by several factors. For starters, different developers are paid differently in different organizations.

The job description of the developer also determines how much the developer is paid. The expertise and experience of the developer is also a determinant of the remuneration structure. Several factors determine the amount of money paid to developers. 

We, therefore, came up with this Salesforce developer salary guide 2022 to help developers and business owners know what to remunerate for the position. 

Factors that determine Salesforce Developer Salaries in 2022

There are several factors that determine a Salesforce developer’s salary. 


Specialization is a key element in the Salesforce developer salary guide 2022. Salesforce has several uses for businesses. Salesforce developers have the option of specializing or being generalist developers. 

Specializing is always important. It allows you to focus all your attention on perfecting one skill. An organization is also likely to pay more if they require your specialized skills. 

Finding a niche undoubtedly positions a developer well in finding a high-paying developer job. Organizations in need of specific skills are willing to pay more for those skills. Developers could narrow down their specialization to Salesforce Platform specialization or Salesforce product specialization.

In Salesforce product specialization, developers focus their attention and time to master a Salesforce product. This means the developer becomes an expert in one or several products instead of the entire product offerings of Salesforce. An example of this specialization includes commerce cloud specialization. 

Salesforce developers can also specialize based on a platform. Platform-based specialization allows developers to master Salesforce platforms. Specializing in a platform can be very helpful while determining the salary of a developer.

Lastly, developers may specialize based on industry. This means that they would be experts in the utilization of Salesforce in one or several industries. Salesforce is widely applied in numerous industries in the world. Specializing on its usage in a given industry is very crucial in determining the developer’s salary. Developers could focus on the utilization of Salesforce in the medical sector.


Location is a great factor in Salesforce developer salary guide 2022. Developers are paid differently based on their location. This difference can be attributed to the difference in the cost of living in different parts of the world.

Senior developers on average make about $160k in the US while in Canada; a senior developer would typically earn $133k. A senior developer in the UK earns about $91k while in Japan; the same position pays about $68k.

Organizations also have the chance to hire a freelance developer. The freelance developer normally works remotely. This is a trend used by organizations to cut business expenditure. A freelancer works on a need basis and is remunerated on a project basis or an hourly basis. A freelance senior developer earns around $120k in the US and about $130k in Canada.

Location is an important metric in the Salesforce developer guide for 2022. It is a key factor for consideration while determining the pay for the developer. It is however important to be ethical while paying your employees. Ensure that the salary they receive can sustain them and meet their cost of living.

Experience And Seniority

Just as with other fields and careers, experience plays a big part in determining the salary. The more experienced you are the higher you will be compensated. With Salesforce developer roles, there are different clusters of seniority.

A senior developer is a developer who has been in the game for a long time and with a lot of experience. Senior developers are normally put in charge of teams. They have a lot of experience in Salesforce development. They additionally have leadership skills and can coach and mentor colleagues and subordinates. For this reason, senior developers are highly paid than all the other developers.

The second cluster is the mid-level developer. This is a developer who has been in the field for a relatively long period of more than 3 years. Their experience exceeds that of a junior developer. They are therefore entrusted with more responsibilities and are paid higher than junior developers.

The last cluster is a junior developer. This is the entry point for developers. Junior-level developers barely have any experience. They have theoretical skills. Junior developers are normally attached to a team of developers to gain experience. They are entrusted with few responsibilities and are compensated lowly.


Certification is an important step in building a career.  Certifications prove that indeed you know what you are talking about and that you actually studied it. Certification also influences the salary of a given position.

There are several certifications for Salesforce developers. Developers can leverage their certifications to get a more senior position and a salary increase. Certifications also come in handy when seeking a job elsewhere. A survey was conducted in which 63% of the respondents received a 26% salary increase upon attaining any certification. 

Final Thoughts

There are many determinants of a salary. Our Salesforce developer salary guide 2022 has barely exhausted the numerous determinants of a developer’s salary. We have however detailed some of the important aspects to consider while determining what to pay for the position. 

This Salesforce developer salary guide 2022 also helps developers while asking for compensation for the role. It is important to be ethical when paying salaries. Ensure the amount you pay the developer is sufficient for them to meet the cost of living. 

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