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Just Why Cybersecurity Careers Are the Future

why cybersecurity careers are the future
Cyber Security

Just Why Cybersecurity Careers Are the Future

Just imagine how life would be without the internet. We possibly wouldn’t live. No one would enjoy such a life in the present time. These technological advancements have affected and changed our lives by all measures.

However, on the flip side, with all the benefits of digitization and technological advancements, comes the vulnerability of data and information security. In the present state, digitization and cybersecurity go in handy.

For a person interested in becoming an information technology expert, learning cybersecurity is non-negotiable. In this article, we look at why cybersecurity careers are the future!

But first…

What Is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, programs, and data from digital or malicious attacks. Contrary to what many people believe out there, cyber security is not limited to computers only but rather encompasses all the parts listed in the definition above.

The malicious attackers in most cases try to access important information from organizations for monetary gain through blackmail. For effective cyber security measures, the process should involve the people, processes, and technology that an entity uses.

Why Is Cyber Security Important in Our Lives Today?

The rate of cyber-attack cases on individuals and organizations globally is alarming. Businesses get disoriented due to such attacks, institutions get compromised, people lose money, and relationships are broken due to cyber-attacks.

You have heard of many hacking cases on the news and the internet. A study indicated that as recently as 2018, employees from over 50 companies, 300 universities, and some government institutions were scammed into sharing confidential log-ins with hackers which led to a loss in data of around $ 3 billion.

The recent developments over the past few years have rendered cyber security a compulsory subject rather than an afterthought as it was before. This is why cybersecurity careers are the future and should be offered in every information technology discussion, institution, and development program across the world. This will equip learners with the right information, training, and qualifications to mitigate this problem.

What do you learn in cyber security programs?

Apart from soft skills such as communication, business knowledge, leadership, and critical thinking that are crucial in business structure integrations, there are some core aspects of cyber security that you’ll learn if you register with us. Here are some of the fundamental skills and expertise you are bound to acquire as you enroll in a cyber-security class.

  • Administration of software and hardware devices
  • Software upgrade and maintenance
  • Cyber security policy and procedures creation for an organization
  • Conducting penetration and vulnerability test for organizations
  • Monitoring and defending networks
  • Application of cyber security measures for personnel management and data protection in single, mixed, and multi-user environments.
  • Educating users about cyber security.

Although Cyber Security is a wide scope, our courses are well programmed so that you get the ultimate expertise you desire and deserve.

Why A Career in Cyber Security?

Technological advancements pose both advantages and disadvantages in all aspects of our lives. The rise in digitization demands more cyber security. Cybersecurity has turned out to be a lucrative career and has many diverse and scalable opportunities. Lucrative careers are undoubtedly why cybersecurity careers are the future.

Let’s see why you should consider a career in Cyber security.

Exponential growth

The demand for cyber security professionals is higher than the supply. Companies crave technically skilled cyber security experts who can anticipate cyber-attacks and prevent them from taking place. For an expert to get employed in this field is much easier compared to other fields. A cybersecurity professional earns an average of 83516 USD per annum in the United States.

Additionally, the shortage of cyber security professionals has given them available few the power to negotiate their compensations. Hence, it’s a well-paying niche and a lucrative career for an individual who is passionate and good at what they do.

Cyber Security Careers Are Always in Demand

Cyber security is a wide field featuring several skill sets. From effective communication, and analytical skills, to problem-solving skills. A cyber security expert with these skills can choose to specialize in different areas such as Network Administration Security, Administration System Security, Cloud Security, or IT.

Other areas to explore in this field are Ethical Hacking, Information Defense, Information Assurance, Defense Engineering, Social Engineering, Penetration Testing, Risk Management, and Network Protection. These are a bunch of skill sets with numerous areas to venture in. The consistency of demand in this career is why cybersecurity careers are the future.

Variety of Roles

Contrary to other career paths, the Cyber Security field has many areas of specialization that a single professional cannot exhaust. What you need is to identify an area you are passionate about and specialize in it as you move up the ladder while gaining experience and more expertise.

Network Security Engineers, Information Security Analysts, Forensic Experts, Chief Information Security officers (CISO), Penetration Testers, Vulnerability Assessor, Cyber Security managers, And Security Architect are just some of the areas of specialization that are up for grabs in this field.

While you can start your cyber security career at the entry-level as a system administrator, certifications will help you grow, gain experience and expertise, become innovative and add value to organizations. This will help you become a guru and get to the top faster than you perceive.

Technology dictates almost everything in the world today. It’s your time to switch to Cyber Security Careers and get on the safer side of technological advancements and innovation. This is a career that you will never regret having invested in.

In a nutshell, let’s look at some of the key requirements of a cyber-security expert that you should consider.

  • Dedication; Cybercriminals never rest, it takes resilience, commitment, imagination, and passion to stay ahead of them. You need to be flexible, dynamic, and sensitive to IT advancements and always ready to learn and adapt to such changes.
  • Teamwork; Even though ethical hackers and penetration testers tend to work alone, working in a team can improve the outcome.
  • Analytical thinking; you need top-notch analytical skills to do forensics and establish and resolve the problems that hackers may throw your way.
  • Proper training; worthwhile certification and qualifications from well-recognized institutions will always open doors for you throughout your career.
  • Others include Climbing Higher, Excellent Prospects, and Transferable Skills.

How Can I Get Started in Cyber Security?

Are you interested in cyber security and have been longing to make your first step? The time is now! Enroll with us at plumlogixu as you purpose to make a future out of your passion. Having established why cybersecurity careers are the futuree, it’s time you turn your passion into a lucrative career. With the right information, you can now make your first step.

Check out our courses and programs. Through a small investment in your cyber security career programs, you can change your life in the right direction once and for good.