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5 Top Cybersecurity Tips For Beginners Looking To Hit The Road On Cybersecurity As A Career

cybersecurity tips for beginners
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5 Top Cybersecurity Tips For Beginners Looking To Hit The Road On Cybersecurity As A Career

We are living in a digital era where data is everything. As a Cybersecurity beginner, you must comprehend that private information is much more at risk than ever before.

More often than not, you hear about data breaches and cases of identity theft on the web that affect millions of consumers. Today, we are setting you to understand some of the basic but very critical cybersecurity tips for beginners.

Two years ago, WannaCry ransomware encrypted about 200,000 computers. All companies and institutions are fighting to protect their data against hackers and cybercriminals, and you can also play a role in it.

Cybersecurity is not involved only in organizations, but even personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

A career in Cybersecurity has a mystique to it and earns you a fat paycheck. Considering that it is one of the most sought and fast-growing careers, it has added advantages to it.

As a Cybersecurity beginner, consider using this list of our top five cybersecurity tips for beginners to know where you should put your focus most.

Besides, you are yet to hear people say that they’d better behave nicely simply because of the fear that you may hack them but it is just stereotyping.

Cybersecurity is a career that is in demand as breach after breach hit headlines. It is clear that companies are looking for Cybersecurity experts and you might just be one of the future talents in this big fish sector.

So, what is Cybersecurity?

According to Wikipedia, Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

How to prepare for a Cybersecurity career

Being a Cybersecurity beginner can be challenging especially when you don’t know where to begin. Well, here are our top cybersecurity tips for beginners to jumpstart your career.

Choose a field relevant to your certifications

By deciding on which Cybersecurity is relevant to your educational background helps you to narrow down the number of career paths in the field that you qualify for.

However, some of the career options may require learning on the job for Cybersecurity Beginners.

Look into Progressions

For Cybersecurity Beginners, this is useful in that it assists you to determine your future in the profession. Just like so many other careers, you must work your way up to the top.

You should essentially arrive equipped with prerequisite skills to help you navigate; be that as it may, many of the skills are acquired on the job since you need the experience to gain them.

Check salary rates

Knowing what you need to support yourself as a Cybersecurity beginner, making returns on money spent acquiring certifications and your family is a huge motivator.

For some, this is a high determinant in the career paths that they choose to delve into. I believe that many people approach their career options intending to have a dollar sign attached.

Learn the key components

Having a mastery of key components that you shall be using in Cybersecurity is a fundamental skill that so many other areas of learning build upon.

Trying to get a job in Cybersecurity as a Beginner without a deep understanding of how data packets work is the same as trying to become a civil engineer without first mastering the design and planning of structures.

Pace out

Trying to learn everything at once will get you nowhere. Plan and strategize, otherwise, you will get burnout before starting and become overwhelmed with everything.

This frustration might leave you wanting to opt out and find an easier way. Though, you could get a mentor to help you and guide you through the ins and outs of Cybersecurity.

This might bring in an aspect of networking for future purposes as you progress into the different levels. There are more ways to prepare for cybersecurity career.

  • Involve your team.
  • Look out for current events and trends.
  • Participate in online forums.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Start with the basics.

Skills that you need as a Cybersecurity beginner

Well, you need a lot- a mixture of soft and technical skills. Below is a list to get you started.


As a Cybersecurity Beginner, problem-solving will play a major role in your day-to-day work. You shall need to find creative ways to handle complex information security challenges across an array of existing and emerging technological environments.

Technical aptitude

Cybersecurity is a technology-focused career path in which you are likely to be tasked with responsibilities on the likes of troubleshooting, maintaining, and updating information security systems.

Being technologically savvy as a beginner is essential in order to perform the inevitable daily tasks of Cybersecurity.

Field knowledge and experience with platforms

Cybersecurity is not limited to working on or with computers. Train to be comfortable working on various operating systems, computer systems, mobile devices, cloud networks, and wireless networks. Also, keep up with the latest trends so as to be informed.


In Cybersecurity, you need to be able to identify cyber breaches and deal with them to get rid of risks and vulnerabilities in your organization.

This means you have to be very vigilant and aware of operations so that you can come up with feasible solutions.

Good communication and interpersonal skills

It’s important to be exact and be able to speak clearly and articulate your words in a way that colleagues and seniors will comprehend what you are saying; as well as to be able to deliver technical information to individuals in the workforce.

Computer forensics.

There is a very thin line between Cybersecurity and Computer forensics and they are closely related. How? To be able to encrypt digital assets for an organization, you shall will need to have a solid understanding of what happens in case your efforts fail and be able to restore data..

Desire to learn

Just like any other technical field, Cybersecurity is fast-changing and anyone who works in the field will need to be committed to keeping up with the latest best practices and emerging industry trends. Therefore, you will always need to be learning and self-educating be it on or off the clock.

Understanding of hacking

Being in the Cybersecurity career force makes you an ethical hacker automatically. For you to effectively protect an organization’s network and infrastructure, you will need to know how they can be exploited to fully grip on how a system can be breached so that it can aid you in creating effective solutions to curb this.

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