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How To Land Your First Job In Salesforce In 2022 In 5 Steps

How to land a Salesforce job in 2022
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How To Land Your First Job In Salesforce In 2022 In 5 Steps

The global growth of the Salesforce economy is evident. The usage of Salesforce increased over the world. According to an IDC study, it is estimated that the Salesforce ecosystem will have $1.6 trillion in corporate revenue and 9.3 million job opportunities by 2026. 

The continuous uptake of Salesforce creates a lucrative opportunity for individuals to change their careers—your chance to enter one of the world’s most exciting and fast-growing fields.

However, a career change may come with some potential challenges in terms of entry barriers and the need for financial sacrifices. But with Salesforce, it is entirely worth it. Here is how to land a Salesforce job.

But just before we examine the steps. What is Salesforce? And why is it in high demand?

Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Management software globally. It accounts for more than 20% of the market. Salesforce is a diverse cloud technology company that provides a variety of Software as well as business app portfolios. 

Some of its exciting features include high customization and automation. Salesforce also offers other non-CRM products, such as IoT and Health cloud.

Why is Salesforce Career so attractive?

Here are some of the reasons why a career in Salesforce is a dream of many.

High demand

There is a high demand for Salesforce employees to assist firms in upskilling as many current employees as possible. Such an environment demands fundamental skills and expertise. Many firms are now installing Salesforce and need experts to ensure proper installation and management.


Salesforce technology professionals are among the highest-paid individuals globally. This is attributable to the vitality of the software technology in the success of the thriving companies. Additionally, the limitation of computer experts guarantees that any organization will be able to stretch further to acquire Salesforce professionals.

Highly flexible

Salesforce boasts of one the best work cultures in the world. A culture that has established a perfect blend of work-life balance promotes happiness and passion among its employees. While most tasks can be done remotely, Salesforce has also called for a healthy workplace for the persistent well-being of its employees.

Here is the complete step-by-step guide on how to land a Salesforce job

Here are 4 steps to landing yourself your first job in salesforce in 2022.

Familiarize with Salesforce

This is the first step you need to take as you wish to land a Salesforce job. Salesforce ecosystem requires complete knowledge about Salesforce CRM software technology.

While tech-savvy may experience minimum difficulties regarding Salesforce operation, other individuals may need to explore how digital technology systems are deployed to make business operations more efficient in terms of customer service and expedited growth.

The technical and business aspects are essential to ensure absolute expertise. Establishing powerful automation and customization to guarantee business growth and success is exceptional. Each technical solution correlates with a respective business aspect. And understanding this puzzle is very crucial.

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Expand Your Network

Salesforce is an established ecosystem. Each individual has a role to play in this environment. Hence, when you decide to adventure into Salesforce career opportunities, you can come with the Salesforce community as you expand your network. Salesforce community participation will increase your odds of success in this field.

Here are some resources to expedite your network expansion with the Salesforce community.

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community is a good starting point. It is a platform that will enable you to interact with experts and engage them for support and advice regarding your career development.

You can reach other Salesforce communities via social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

However, we would advise you to join Local Salesforce Trailblazer Groups for a more personal approach. These are smaller groups which are managed by volunteers worldwide. They share their knowledge and experience about Salesforce, which will assist you in overcoming hurdles in your Salesforce career.

Get Certified

Getting certified is on top of the list of how to land a Salesforce job. Amongst other essential credentials, investing in the Salesforce certificate exam will significantly develop a more fulfilling and promising career. The certification is a sign of mastery of Salesforce skills. 

Potential employers view this as evidence of credibility and professionalism, which can help you acquire a higher position in your field. Additionally, the Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification is essential during the transition from sales or marketing to Salesforce administrator.

You need to understand that Salesforce administrator exams are not a walk in the park, it requires consistent hard work and time. Hence, you need to select the most suitable and reliable training system. Check out Salesforce certificate programs here as you build the capacity to land a Salesforce job.

Polish Your Skills.

The ultimate method of skill refinement is through work experience. Experience will eliminate the roadblocks to landing a new Salesforce job in any organization. It gives you an upper hand in the recruiters’ decision. Work experience sharpens both your technical and non-technical skills. You become familiar with the workplace and attest to the real-life practice of your skills.

Experience develops your logical thinking, communication and personal relations, and critical and strategic thinking. Furthermore, you work with timeframes and supervisions to ensure tasks are completed within the assigned deadlines.

We have proposed some of the methods of experience acquisition without necessarily getting employed;

Super badges – The concept here is similar to Trailhead but is larger and more complex. It would be best if you created a solution to meet the requirements. This will be a significant addition to your resume hence increasing your chances of landing a Salesforce job.

Volunteer jobs– Volunteering is one perfect way to get hands-on experience. Salesforce ecosystem has volunteer guidelines that will ensure you gain the necessary expertise to enhance career development for future job opportunities.

Apply for Salesforce Jobs.

When it comes to how to land a Salesforce job, applying for one is definitely important. This is the final step. It goes without saying that you cannot get employed unless you apply for the jobs. Therefore, after the acquisition of the required skills and certifications. Venture into job applications.


Salesforce has diverse career opportunities. And these opportunities keep increasing due to the increasing demand for Salesforce experts. A wide range of arising responsibilities needs to be filled. The time to take the next step into the future is now. Are you pondering on how to land a Salesforce job? At, we avail a variety of Salesforce resources and courses that will enable you to build capacity for your next job.

The technological world keeps expanding, and so does the Salesforce ecosystem. As an aspiring Salesforce professional, start focusing on your technical abilities and overall development.