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How To Improve Your Salesforce Change Management Skills In 3 Simple Steps As A Salesforce Admin

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How To Improve Your Salesforce Change Management Skills In 3 Simple Steps As A Salesforce Admin

Change is inevitable. Business processes change. Technology evolves. Everything is subject to it. It is a constant part of the day to day life. Change can either be initiated or come naturally; either way, it has both negative and positive effects. 

Salesforce as a CRM software has gone evolved over time. You need to hone your salesforce change management skills if you wish to become successful in your career.

With various technological advancements, some changes need to be made to the system. As Salesforce admins strive to get the best out of this platform, they should know that initiating any change can make or break for their business operations.

Salesforce has become the backbone of every marketing department in different organizations. Its unique features enable sales teams to optimize tasks and strike more deals, generating more revenue.

Despite all its lucrative features, Salesforce still has room for improvement as a CRM software. The vitality of the change management process calls for great expertise, caution, and functional and technical skills of Salesforce admins.

What is change Management really? Why is it important? Why should a Salesforce admin explore it, and how? To get answers to these demanding questions! Walk with us through this article.

What is Change Management? 

Every organization has its method of making changes to its various systems. For instance, technology or human resources. Regardless of how it is done, it should lead to smooth business operations, which will lead to the achievement of organizational objectives.

 In this perspective, Salesforce change management skills is a general term that constitutes all activities related to managing changes within Salesforce. It entails the diverse techniques used to prepare and support individuals, teams, and organizations to make a change.

For instance, when an end-user starts using the software, numerous ideas or alternatives may come up. The periodical collection, coordination and implementation of these changes within the teams is crucial.

Three main areas of change management include;

Business processes: Initiating changes to business processes is vital. However, the involvement of management and stakeholders is essential. It ensures that the process is conducted based on results from proper analysis of several factors. Prioritize changes based on business and people’s needs.

Technology: Both adherence to Agile business processes and Salesforce best practices during change implementation are essential. Being awake to the new updates is necessary.

People must communicate why the change is happening and what part they have to play therein. The significance of the end-users cannot be overlooked during this process.

Failure to handle the above categories sufficiently, the Salesforce project would fail, resulting in consequent reactive rather than proactive actions.

Why is Change Management Necessary?

Change is a fundamental aspect of day to day running of the business. Its impact is usually experienced in the entire company.

In Salesforce CRM software, Salesforce change management skills makes business operations more efficient and effective. It plays a significant role in optimizing processes and increasing productivity through its automation and customization features, amongst others. 

Salesforce change management skills enables proper change implementation; a business can reap these fruits. However, if a change is not executed correctly, it can lead to chaos in the whole organization. 

These disruptions may sometimes not be evident to the teams in the present but will surely manifest in the long run. Wrongly executed change implementation process can lead to system downtime, inaccurate data and user adoption issues.

As a Salesforce admin, change management skills is an essential and a determinant of your career success. An efficient plan layout and the right placement of priorities massively impact the change management process.

The initiated changes have a direct impact on business operations as well as the overall value of Salesforce to the company. And as an admin, you must ensure that you employ your Salesforce change management skills achieve the desired outcome. 

Why would the change process fail?

  1. Lack of clear goals to be achieved in the change process
  2. Absence of leadership; Poor stakeholder management
  3. Minimal or no involvement in the project
  4. Poor preparation for the change process; lack of training and documentation of the change. 

Change Management skills lifts Salesforce admins a bar higher in their pursuit of employment. Potential employers give more attention to this skill when hiring. This, in correlation with Agile development, Application lifestyle management, project management, and collaboration skills, are an assurance of a successful career. 

The Three Tips for That Will Improve Your Salesforce Change Management Skills. 

Here are three ways to learn the ropes of Salesforce change management.


As an admin, the final drive to change your Salesforce implementation should be your development or customization project ideation. Establish the current state of CRM processes. Engage the stakeholders for the necessary resources. With your Salesforce change management skills, carry out problem analysis and draft a priority-based plan that will address the problematic areas.

Create the new project’s design specifications. For example, software updates, and workflow customization, amongst others. After your product manager or tech architect has formed the specifications, let the dev team implement the changes.

 This ensures every stakeholder is onboard and engaged throughout the project.


Adherence to the Salesforce Release calendar and preparing for the tri-annual releases will enable you to account for future changes and maintenance of your org. Success herein depends on your ability to train and prepare the users for the size and scale of the new changes.

Making them preview of what to expect in terms of complexity and timeframes is key to end-user familiarization with the entire process.

Being Sensitive

The human aspect of change and the consequences of change must be put into perspective. Being sensitive and improving your communication skills will help you to conveniently and effectively convey information regarding the transition to appropriate persons.

Bottom line

Salesforce change management skills are vital in the day-to-day running of Salesforce-supported business operations. Salesforce admins must ensure they consider all aspects before initiating any change project. All the stakeholders must clearly understand the objective the change intends to achieve. 

The end-user must not be overlooked in this process. As a Salesforce admin, apply your Salesforce change management skills to ensure all players understand their roles and help them familiarize themselves with the project at every stage.

Because a slight hitch would interfere with the whole process, and the desired outcome would not have been achieved. And this may escalate into a massive setback among the teams and the entire organization.