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9 Ways On How To Reinvent Your Career At 40 And Still Stay On Top

how to reinvent your career at 40
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9 Ways On How To Reinvent Your Career At 40 And Still Stay On Top

They say life begins at 40. Okay, we get that. What if this is the time you need to change careers? Do you want to know how to reinvent your career at 40 if the push comes to shove?

At the age of 40, most people are already settled in their careers. Culture states that career change only happens to people whose age is between the 20s to 30s. However, that is not the case. People at 40 can reinvent themselves. Although it would be stressful and daunting but it will happen. At 40, you still have time to pursue your dreams.

The key to reinventing yourself is to realize that you are not only changing your career but also the changes will affect you. In other words, it means a career change starts with you wanting to redefine yourself.  The moment you don’t like what you do then that is a sign of reinventing. Regardless of age, it is possible. Studies reveal that 82% of adults 47 years above were able to change their careers and it was successful.

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‘Why” change

The first step when considering this is to understand why you want a career change. Your why is the guideline to understanding everything. It is like a pathway that shows what you want. There are very many reasons you could have making you to change your career. These reasons probably affect you directly or indirectly. For instance, maybe your boss is rude, or the pay is low, or you have been stagnant in the same position ever since you started that work.

Moreover, understanding your ‘why’ could also mean there is that business that you have always wanted to pursue. You might be considering being your own boss. Comprehending why you need a career change will help you through the process of changing.

Why is career change at 40 hard?

At a younger age, in your 20s, career change is easy and swift. The responsibilities you have at that time are less compared to when you are in your 40s. At this time, it is more likely you have a family hence stability is more needed than anything.  For that reason, disrupting your family to do a new thing is scary. You will be putting your family at risk.

However, that does not mean it cannot happen. With the right guidelines, it is possible. You should not drown yourself at a place you are not happy yet you can change it regardless of age even beyond 50 to 60 years. This, therefore, means you have to learn how to reinvent your career at 40 before you make the jump.

10 steps on how to reinvent your career at 40 and stay on top of your game like a pro

Here are tips that will guide you on how to reinvent your career at 40 with no damage to your life.

Identify the career you want to venture into

Just like when you were finishing high school, and you were told to identify the career that you want to do, the same will happen at this point. The moment you want to reinvent yourself, you should already know what you want to pursue. Do background research on that career, and make sure you know everything that entails that new career. It could be your dream career that you never pursued due to various reasons, but right now you can pursue it.

At 40 years, it is evident, you have a broad knowledge when it comes to careers and jobs. This is unlike when you were young, where your career was influenced either by teachers or parents. At this point in life, you know what you want and what you don’t want. Therefore, before considering that shift, it is best to know what next step of life you want to take in your career.

List your skills

Once you already know the career you want to venture into, it is important to know the requirements needed for that career. There could be skills needed in that new career that you already have. It is imperative to note down all the skills you have gained in the past working years. These skills can be transferred. Put more effort into the transferable skills, unlike the new skills. With the transferable skills, it is more likely you will get the job because of the experience with the skill.

Look into the educational requirement’s

Just like skills, there are educational requirements for any career. Probably the career you want to venture into requires a master’s degree, and yet you just have a degree. Research on the educational requirements needed for that career reinvention.  You could find a course that is needed and yet you don’t have it.

Moreover, if it is a short course, one can do it and make sure you apply for that new career. With whatever requirement’s needed make sure you are up to date with what is being asked. For you, the last time you applied for a job is not the same as the current time. Things might have changed and you are not aware.

Revamp your resume

Once you have identified your education requirements and your transferable skills, then recreate your resume. Ensure it is up-to-date. Include everything that you have done, and also make sure to indicate that you are changing careers.  That way, you will have subtly informed your employer.

Put more focus on your skills, rather than the jobs you’ve done. Skills are more efficient and effective when applying for a job rather than stating the jobs that you have done. Also, remember not to point them out too loudly as they might be a turnoff, or you will be considered overqualified leading you not to get the job. Especially high-ranking jobs like managers.

Find new connections and networks

Networking is very crucial when starting a new career shift. At 40, most probably you have made lots of friends who have turned out to be your network.  You can start by informing your friends of your new career change and they might have a network to your career shift.

how to reinvent your career at 40

Besides, through networking, you might be recommended by a friend to your new job. Being recommended gives you a higher chance of getting then job unlike when applying for it.

Remove your biggest block on your way

For most people, they are fearful of the fact that they are reinventing themselves at 40 years. The age sounds old and late. Remove that fear from your heart and brain and go for what you want. It is never too late to start something, especially if is something that you love. Take that risk today and start a new career.

Rebrand yourself

Your brand speaks a lot about you. But since you are starting a new career, remove your old brand and put a new brand.  Your old brand, speaks about your old career.  Update your profile if that is on social media or LinkedIn. While updating your profile, also, put in mind to update your current skills that you’ve recently learned and state the job you are interested in.

Ask for help

Take advantage of assistance from anyone who is in that career that you want to pursue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. With help, you will be able to understand much better. In addition, do deep research about your new career, and you will certainly get help especially if the research is from a blog post.

Believe in yourself

As much you will have done all the needed requirements, the most important thing is to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, nothing will stop you. It is important to put faith in yourself as it is a new step of life that you are taking.

Launch the new career

After you have done all this, it is now time to get that career started. Apply for that career, and get the job done. However, remember still there is a challenge because of your age, but that should not stop you. Launch that career and enjoy a new start.

The benefits of career reinvention go a long way. It gives you a chance of a refreshing new change. Besides, when changing your career, you might get a new skill or educate yourself which leads to a new role in a different job, that pays higher than your last job.

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