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How To Dive Into the Salesforce Ecosystem And Win Your First Salesforce Job

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How To Dive Into the Salesforce Ecosystem And Win Your First Salesforce Job

For over 15 years, Salesforce has been powering organizations as the number and go-to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and it’s no secret really.

Besides being a powerful tool, Salesforce is supported by a team of developers and engineers picked from across the globe and have over the years invented solutions that drive today’s businesses.

Consequently, Salesforce jobs have provided opportunities for thousands of individuals to venture into this amazing CRM superpower and grow their careers.

Something admirable and appealing about Salesforce jobs is that you can upgrade yourself using readily available tools. These Salesforce tools help you to upskill and qualify for better positions.

Since Salesforce is a dominant force in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), companies have also increased their standards.

According to projections by the International Data Corporation, about 4.2 million jobs will be created within the Salesforce ecosystem which will be driven by the growing global embrace of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence- tools of which the Salesforce platforms utilize extensively.

So, how do you break into Salesforce and take the Salesforce jobs head-on?

Well, there are plenty of ways to do this and we’ve highlighted a number of them below:


Freelancing is one of the fastest ways to get ahead of any career path, including Salesforce jobs. Basically, you will need to get hands-on with every resource you can get because you will be working as an independent company.

This means having skills and experience in the sales force along with marketing automation. Working under your own terms comes with a great ability to be able to maintain discipline.

Changing Fields

Gaining exposure to more favored areas of your Salesforce job will help you get ahead, or move into something that has always interested you but you have not explored yet.

This might be a hard conversation between you and you are senior but it will do you justice especially in gathering skills and experience meant to prepare you for future opportunities. This will look good on your CV as it shows progression in your Career Track.


Networking will help you out with forming important and meaningful links to get you at least a step high on the Salesforce job ladder. there are usually many niche events across the year in a particular field or vertical.

However, networking does not have to be in the form of events and conferences or anything like that. Because of the ever-evolving technology, now we have the internet to simplify our interactions.

Get your badges right

Of essence in how to get ahead of your Salesforce job is certification. Otherwise, you would not be able to practice without such credentials.

But, having like 10+ certifications does not guarantee you a job, anyhow, it will probably guarantee you an interview. They are a great way to prove to a prospective or current employer your level of skill and also, areas of expertise.

Certifications could get you added responsibilities at work and promotion too.

Learn when to say NO

Being in a Salesforce job needs you to evaluate your options carefully and assess whether or not something can work. Consider both the opportunities in it and risks.

Ask lots of questions to fully understand the request and then evaluate your options. Learn to think strategically and create scalable solutions.

A few tips to get you started on the job and ace your first month

Once you land your first Salesforce job, it’s time to do everything and ensure your first few days have minimal nightmares. And please remember to be easy on yourself.

Anchor tasks, emails, and activities

The Salesforce job lets you have access to a number of tools to leverage your everyday work activities. With Activities, you can log the interactions that happened with your customers, and record important meeting notes.

Tasks let you create an action to follow up with, such as setting a date, reminder, or a brief description (basically, scheduling).

Emails let you send emails to your customers directly. There are several templates that you can use to easily correspond with your clientele depending on the context.

Use browser extensions

There is quite a number but here are the best three: Salesforce Organizer; which lets you build your org. to manage special links, modify, and the org. tab to recognize the org. a source at once.

You can even save your account details, including password, details, username, login URLs that you use every now and then.

Salesforce Navigator; a helping hand in getting any of the Salesforce pages effortlessly by inputting what you require to do, you can fix minor bugs as well.

And finally, Salesforce Inspector helps you add a metadata layout above the standard Salesforce UI thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the configuration, development, and integration of Salesforce.

Be personable

Now, this cannot be learned through Trailblazer nor is there a certification for such a course.

If you want to get ahead, become a person who is above board and a leader in the Salesforce job and beyond, then it is unquestionably the most important, perhaps even the hardest to learn.

As a matter of fact, being a likable and personable person almost becomes more important the higher up you wish to move up the Salesforce job ladder.

What are the skills required to get ahead with Salesforce jobs?

You must be wondering what skills you should have to get ahead of Salesforce jobs. Below is a summarized list of the skills that you need to get you there.

Technical Skills

Salesforce development, business knowledge, sales management, business knowledge, working in multicultural environments, documentation, analysis, requirements gathering, CRM implementation.

Soft Skills

Leadership, collaboration, communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking are some of the key soft skills you need for success. Each is important as each builds up together to allow you to have a wonderful time in your career.

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