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The Salesforce Marketer Certification Career Paths: What roles are in your path as a Salesforce marketer?

Salesforce Marketer Certification
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The Salesforce Marketer Certification Career Paths: What roles are in your path as a Salesforce marketer?

If you’re into marketing, you must have considered Salesforce marketer roles at some point. Salesforce offers several marketer roles, including the marketing cloud administrator, marketing cloud email specialist, marketing cloud consultant, and marketing cloud developer, all of which are found within the Salesforce marketer certification career paths.

So, how does it feel working in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? What requirements are employers looking for in marketing cloud candidates, and what will be your responsibilities should you get the job? We answer these and many other Salesforce marketer questions shortly.

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What is Salesforce Cloud?

Let’s begin with by understanding the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud, also known as just Marketing Cloud, is a digital marketing platform from Salesforce that includes email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online advertising, and most importantly, marketing automation tools.

It is a customer relationship management platform that gives all the departments at an organization – including sales, marketing, and finance, and customer service – a single, shared view of every customer.

As already mentioned, a key function of the marketing cloud is automation. As the name suggests, marketing automation is the process of automating certain marketing activities to improve convenience and eliminate human error.

Many organizations actively pursuing marketing automation use Salesforce as the chief driver of automation and a Salesforce Marketer Certification would put anyone in pole position to win such lucrative positions.

Who is a Salesforce Marketer?

A Salesforce marketer is a certified marketing professional who uses the Salesforce platform to drive automation and general marketing. The marketers can work as an employee at their organization of choice or independently as contractors or consultants.

The Salesforce Marketer Career Paths: What awaits at the end?

Although everyone has their way of getting where they want, most Salesforce marketers follow a predefined path from the entry-level marketing specialist role to the marketing architect at the apex of the pyramid, below are the Salesforce marketer certification career paths you may pursue.

The Salesforce Marketing Specialist

The Salesforce certified marketing specialist role involves using relevant modules in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to analyze campaigns and make recommendations to help the organization maximize profitability and reach.


  • Utilizing relevant modules within SFMC
  • Building customer journeys
  • Analyzing campaigns and making recommendations
  • Customer journey personalization using AMPScript


  • Hands-on experience with SFMC
  • Experience using Journey Builder
  • Knowledge of AMPScript
  • Ability to build data extensions
  • Salesforce Certified Email Marketer certification is a bonus

The Salesforce Marketing Administrator

Within the Salesforce Marketer Certification scope is the the Salesforce marketing administrator who takes ownership of the Marketing Cloud platform internally within an end-user and works alongside other Salesforce administrators to ensure that the platform helps the organization reach maximum profitability.


  • Ensures SFMC is fit for purpose in the organization
  • Keeps up to date with developments in the SFMC
  • Implements new CFMC modules
  • Configures new SFMC business units


  • Knowledge of Journey Builder
  • Mastery of AMPScript
  • Experience with SQL
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator certification (is a bonus)
  • Email Marketing certification (is a bonus)

Salesforce Marketer Certification

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

The marketing consultant is the second last qualification within the Salesforce Marketer Certification path. After working for a few years as a marketing cloud specialist or administrator, you can always advance the marketing cloud consultant.

The marketing cloud consultant role comes with a broader range of responsibilities, depending on the employing business/organization’s size and focus. You may be responsible for implementing SFMC on multi-cloud projects, integrating third-party platforms, and even help up-skill or train new users.

The types of projects you’ll be working on also depends on your employer. For instance, if the employer has a relatively small SFMC practice and already has a very technical person working form, they’ll need a more business-focused cloud consultant to translate the technical needs into business requirements.


  • Understanding business needs and gathering requirements
  • Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Integrating SFMC with other platforms
  • Training and up-skilling users on the client-side
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Advising clients


  • Broad knowledge and experience of different SFMC modules and functionalities
  • Experience in niche elements of SFMC, such as Data Studio
  • Strong communication skills
  • Several technical skills
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant certification is a bonus

The Salesforce Cloud Developer/Architect

Beyond the Salesforce cloud marketing consultant position, Salesforce marketers can consider becoming a marketing cloud developer or architect which is the highest role in the Salesforce marketer certification career paths. The two are more or less the same, though the marketing cloud architect holds a higher rank and is revered within the Salesforce Marketer Certification career path.

A marketing cloud architect is a highly-regarded professional with a rare skill set that sets them apart from the rest. They are responsible for designing solutions for customers; therefore, they must have a deep understanding of SFMC and experience with several implementation projects.


  • Designing SFMC solutions
  • Data architecture
  • Owns implementation projects
  • Defines and communicates project needs and expectations
  • Advises clients on best practices


  • Extensive experience with SFMC in a consultancy environment
  • A strong ability to understand business requirements
  • Multiple implementations under the belt
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Marketing cloud consultant certification
  • Marketing cloud developer cert is a bonus

Salesforce Marketer Certification Career Paths: Career Outlook

The Salesforce marketer career has a bright outlook. In 2018 alone, 25,000 new Salesforce marketer jobs were posted in the US, which is huge for a relatively new profession. Beginner marketers earn, on average, $69,000, while experienced professionals in the field take home $100,000 on average.

If you’re unsure where to begin your career as a Salesforce marketer, sign up with us and kickstart your Salesforce Marketer Certification journey.