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Here Are 5+ Ways To Ace Any Salesforce Certification Examination

Tips to Pass Any Salesforce Certification
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Here Are 5+ Ways To Ace Any Salesforce Certification Examination

With a recent forecast from IDC showing that there will be at least 4.2 million new Salesforce jobs by 2024, now would be an excellent time to get yourself these tips to pass any Salesforce certification examination.

Unfortunately, taking the requisite examinations isn’t always an easy task. Indeed, a lot of people want to take the tests but don’t know where to begin. Then there are millions of others who have taken the exams and failed.

Tips To Pass Any Salesforce Certification Exams

Whether you’re preparing for the examinations for the first time or even if you’re retaking a certification you failed previously, the following six tips to pass any Salesforce certification examination are very handy;

  1. Know the exam objectives 

Actually, the first step should be to know the exam you’ll be taking. There are at least 23 Salesforce certifications currently, with several other new ones on the way. Some of these certifications are almost similar. For instance, Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II are two certifications that may be confusing.

Make sure you know the certification you’re pursuing. More importantly, always read and understand the objectives of the certificate. What does the examination test? When you know the general goals of a certification, it’s much easier to predict the questions.

  1. Know how the questions are weighted 

If you check the Salesforce website and click on a certification, you’ll see the objectives (covered in tip #1 above) and, below the objectives, the exam outline. For instance, if you’re sitting the Salesforce Administrator exam, the outline includes organizational set-up, user set-up, security access, etc.

Each point in the point in the outline has a weighting percentage. For instance, for the Administrator exam, organization set-up accounts for 3% of the total marks and user set-up 7%. These weighting percentages are crucial as they tell you where you should place most of your effort. If one area accounts for 20% of all the marks, consider spending more time on that area.

  1. You’re in charge of the timer, so take control 

This is a huge one for those looking for tips to pass any Salesforce certification examination. It’s also a factor you should use to your fullest advantage. Whether you decide to take the exam in a testing center or at home via online proctoring, all the exams are timed, and the timer only starts when you push the start button.

Don’t push that button until you’re ready. If you feel you’re not fully prepared for a particular area of the examination, you’re free to take the test another day. If you’re unwell and you think it could affect your performance, you can postpone the test until a time when you’re ready.

  1. If you may forget it, memorize it

The sad truth is that Salesforce certification examinations aren’t always easy. Even the entry-level certifications can prove quite challenging. This partly explains why only about 41% of candidates who site the exams without training pass the examinations. Even among those with training, only 66% pass the exams.

Memorizing key concepts using acronyms, diagrams, and mnemonic devices can help you recall some of the answers. A few areas where memorization can help include validation rules, assignment rules, process builder, and workflows. If you must turn some of these rules into a song to remember them during the examination, so be it.

  1. Take practice exams 

This one couldn’t miss in our list of tips to pass any Salesforce certification examination. You’ve likely done this when preparing for exams in school – it works for Salesforce certification examinations too. Practice tests help you in two ways. First, they help find answers to questions that you’ll potentially meet in the exam room. Getting used to answering these questions can help with memorization. It also makes you more comfortable with the way the questions are asked. You may even be able to gauge whether you would pass or fail the actual exam.

Secondly, practice tests help you manage time. All Salesforce certification examinations are timed. Can you complete the test on time? The practice test will give you a clue.

  1. Test your knowledge regularly  

Taking practice examinations would be an excellent start. But, there are several other ways you can test your knowledge of a particular topic or subject. For instance, you must be prepared to read extensively on the subject. Obtain the necessary reading and revision materials and set aside a few hours weekly for a few weeks to read for the exams.

Another excellent way to test your knowledge is to teach a friend. This is one of the top tips to pass any Salesforce certification examination. Let the friend hold some of the revision/reading materials and ask you questions directly from the notes. This will help you identify areas you’ve not mastered.

It’s All About How Much You Want It

Like most things in life, you can pass your Salesforce certification examinations with flying colors – but only if you put in the required effort. You must be willing to read, revise, memorize, and ask for advice in the Salesforce community to help you prepare promptly. If you have further questions, contact Plumlogixu for professional insight.