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Top 5 Common Mistakes Salesforce Developers Make That You Must Avoid

Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid
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Top 5 Common Mistakes Salesforce Developers Make That You Must Avoid

Salesforce is one of the leading Customer Relationship Management software globally. The usage of Salesforce has recently experienced a rise across all industries. Both startups and established organizations are rushing to install this application. For developers who work with this system, it’s only natural to sharpen your skills and device strategies to help you perform on the job and avoid costly mistakes. We will look at some of the Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid in a short while.

Companies need to ensure proper installation and management of Salesforce for efficient performance. Yet, Salesforce developers face challenges that lead to several code development and configuration mistakes. 

Due to the increasing demand for Salesforce CRM software, Salesforce developers need to learn from their mistakes to ensure future such errors are eliminated.

Salesforce Developer Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

For proper Salesforce utilization, we have compiled a list of five top common Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid.

Keeping Hardcoded Programs

Keeping Hardcoded Programs is among the Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid. It would be best if you avoided Hardcoding because the apex class cannot be modified in the production environment. Suppose the URL is hardcoded from a report, and the modifications are relocated to the production environment. In that case, the URL will stop working due to the change in the background. This can lead to massive confusion. 

Hardcoding IDs lead to time wastage and frustration. The developers must relocate the original record applied. 

We propose the alternative use of lookup fields to create a custom object that will contain all the contact information. This makes it simpler to access every formation without necessarily probing over several things at a go.

Absence of Scope During Project Initiation

The project scope is simply an overview of the entire project. The goal you aim to achieve and the project timelines and resources you are working with to finish the project

The diversity of Salesforce call for the need for Salesforce developers to have a clue and overview of the general project. This plays an essential role in the successful completion of the project.

The absence of a definitive scope leads to difficulties in finding solutions to issues that may arise during the project. This is because these problems were not anticipated and prepared for. Hence more time is consumed. Such mistakes need immediate attention before they become costly.

You can better grasp your project scope using Salesforce tools such as Crystal ball or Microsoft Excel with Imandra AI.

Another way to mitigate this risk is to avoid assumptions and engage the stakeholders and experts to have prior knowledge of the requirements of the entire project.

Failure to Adhere to The General Design Guidelines for Application Performance

This is among the Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid. Visualforce allows you to develop a rich UI with pop-ups. However, when users try using the framework, they experience operational problems. These performance errors can be eliminated by adhering to the General Design Guidelines for Application Performance.

Pages overloaded with data and functionality make clicking and navigating buttons a hassle. Design in Visualforce should be based on specific tasks that have a standard workflow and navigation between different tasks. Many components affect performance and risk hitting governor limits for view state, record limits, heap size and total page size.

Multiple Triggers On the Same Object

Apex triggers enable you to perform custom actions such as insertions, updates, or deletions before or post events to record in Salesforce. However, it is advisable to write a single trigger for some specific scenarios. The use of multiple triggers makes the system unable to detect the execution order.

Furthermore, each trigger that is invoked does not obtain its governor limits. Instead, all processed codes, including the additional triggers, share those available resources.

Lack of Execution Team’s Support

One of the Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid is the lack of a support team. Your Executions team’s support is very crucial. The need for continuous engagement and communication during implementation is critical. It ensures the availability of all the necessary resources for the process. 

The execution team’s involvement benefits every participant in the process. Each of them gets to know their roles and responsibilities in the group.

The absence of an execution team can lead to misplaced priorities and frustrations that may escalate more considerable setbacks in the completion time of your project.

To mitigate such Salesforce Developers’ mistakes, each execution team member should understand their role in the implementation process, the procedures for requesting more help, and the persons in charge. 

This will ensure that every player in this process is up to date and previews everything. It is essential because when some participants lag, the development process is easily compromised.

The Bottom Line

Salesforce is a comprehensive software with various tools for specific functions. The complexity of Salesforce may make the work of the developer quite tricky. There are several Salesforce developer mistakes to avoid.

There are high chances of specific errors repeatedly occurring due to numerous integrations involved in the development stage. 

Each kind of error has its impact on the project. Some may have minimal effects, while others may escalate to massive project setbacks. But either way, they are harmful to the entire scope.

Nevertheless, some of these errors are bound to happen in one way or the other. Hence the need to ensure that you detect the trend of common mistakes and come up with a solution to eliminating them so that they do not recur in subsequent projects.

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