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New Salesforce Certifications for 2021 and Beyond

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New Salesforce Certifications for 2021 and Beyond

A recent IDC forecast predicts that 4.2 million new jobs will be created within the Salesforce platform by 2024. This alone shows the massive strides Salesforce has made thus far, which keeps getting better with the addition of new Salesforce certifications in 2020.

If you’re interested in Salesforce or general sales/marketing, adding credentials such as Salesforce certifications and super badges is an excellent way to prepare for the expected surge in Salesforce jobs. The even better news – Salesforce has released several new certifications that never existed previously.

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7 New Salesforce Certifications to Consider for 2020/2021

In the past, Salesforce certifications were focused on two main areas – administrator and developer roles. However, the platform has added at least seven new Salesforce certifications as follows;

  1. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator 
  2. Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer 
  3. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant 
  4. Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Cloud Developer 
  5. Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator 
  6. Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer 1
  7. Salesforce Certified Solutions Architect 
  1. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator 

Since Salesforce acquired Marketing Cloud from ExactTarget back in 2013, it has become a core component of Salesforce offerings. The Salesforce marketing cloud administrator certification is one of the 7 new Salesforce certifications and is designed for administrators of the marketing cloud who’d love to learn more about the platform.

To enroll for the certification, you need to know the core Marketing Cloud features available to end-users. You must also understand marketing cloud configuration options and be able to respond to everyday business requirements on the platform.

  1. Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer 

Heroku is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) service from Salesforce that allows developers to build, run, and operate cloud applications on the Heroku platform. This architect level certification is designed for individuals with the knowledge, skills, and experience in architecting, deploying, and managing apps on the Heroku platform.

The examination tests the candidate’s understanding of building and deploying apps on the Heroku platform, including the role of buildpacks in slug creation. The candidate must also demonstrate their knowledge of Heroku Postgres, including data handling, security, and common use.

  1. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant 

Education cloud is a recently developed feature on the Salesforce platform that targets Higher Education institutions and stakeholders. It’s meant to help the institutions with several activities, from student recruitment to alumni management.

The Education Cloud Consultant certification was introduced among new Salesforce certifications for 2020 and is designed for people with experience designing and implementing Education Cloud solutions that meet customer business requirements, are maintainable and scalable, and contribute to long-term customer success. Candidates must also have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and a basic understanding of standard higher education integrations. The certification can help increase your marketability in a tight IT job market.

  1. Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Cloud Developer 

The Salesforce B2C commerce cloud came about after Salesforce acquired Demandware in 2016. It comes with a ton of enterprise-level cloud e-commerce solutions. It lets brands create and coordinate the shopper’s online experience and transactions across digital channels and devices.

The B2C commerce cloud developer is a developer-level certification designed for individuals that regularly work in or have experience with the B2C commerce cloud. To enroll, you also need to possess some expertise in the commerce cloud’s different features, including APIs, architecture, and optimizing for site performance.

  1. Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator 

Alongside the B2C cloud platform, Salesforce also has a B2B platform for organizations that do business with other businesses. This platform, known as the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, came about after Salesforce acquired CloudCraze in 2018 and, similar to the B2C cloud platform, allows organizations to streamline and improve customer experiences.

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The B2B accredited commerce administrator isn’t featured on the Trailhead certification homepage but is available on WebAcessor. It targets individuals with experience in managing the B2B commerce cloud.

  1. Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer 1

As part of the new Salesforce certifications for 2020, The Salesforce JavaScript developer 1 certification is designed for candidates who work with front or back-end JavaScript applications for the web stack. It consists of two parts – the lightning web components specialist super badge and the JavaScript developer one multi-choice exam section. You can earn the two credentials in any sequence.

The lightning web components examination is designed to bring a new generation of developers to Salesforce. It’s not platform-agnostic. Meanwhile, the JavaScript developer-one course targets people who work on the Salesforce platform and essentially tests your JavaScript skills.

  1. Salesforce Certified Solutions Architect 

Finally, the Salesforce solutions architect certification is another new credential you can add to your list of qualifications in 2020/2021. The solutions architect is responsible for the solution to the given business requirements. This is different from the enterprise architect who looks at the entire business system. The solution architect focuses strictly on delivering Salesforce solutions.

To become a Salesforce solutions architect, you must have a passion for Salesforce and understand Salesforce best practices. Problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills are also needed.

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